Who To Follow: Flat Eric Plush Traveler Instagram

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Who To Follow: Flat Eric Plush Traveler Instagram
Who To Follow: Flat Eric Plush Traveler Instagram

Video: Who To Follow: Flat Eric Plush Traveler Instagram

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We continue to tell about decent social media accounts through which the whole world can be viewed.

The adventures of anthropomorphic toys is a genre that few people can leave indifferent. Suffice it to recall, in fact, "Toy Story" (or Instagram based on it) or the travels of the garden gnome from "Amelie". It seems that in each of us there still lives a child who secretly believes: if you close your eyes, the plush world will win.

One of our favorite accounts of this kind is run by Muscovite Zhenya Smirnov - a person with an extremely suitable profession (robotics engineer), occupation (screenwriter and director) and hobby (surfing). It all started with his long-term love for French electronic music and meeting with a friend at a friend's place with the yellow plush Flat Eric from the video Mr. Oizo. It turned out that in the wake of the popularity of the video, Levi's company shot a whole series of commercials with Flat Eric in the title role and then released a batch of such toys.

“I went to eBay, ordered one for myself, and he settled at my house. Then, now I don’t remember why, but I took him with me to Bali and there I accidentally took a photo where he, squatting, smears a surfboard with wax. I posted this photo on my regular Instagram, and then I thought that, damn it, it's cool how it happened, he is just as alive, maybe he needs his own account. I renamed it flatbeatsontour, for some time put it mixed with food and selfies, but in the end it took the whole place, and I deleted all the photos without it,”says Zhenya.

Now Eric accompanies Zhenya on all trips, be it work trips or vacations. “Most often it is somewhere near the ocean, because I am very fond of surfing and I spend all my money and free time on it now. Here … Well, the most important thing, perhaps, - for me this is such an exercise in creativity: to come up with plots for him or to embed him somehow into the surrounding landscape. " When Evgeny has more free time, updates appear more often, but sometimes he just removes for future use (he says there is still a lot left from his July trip to Japan). So do not worry, Zhenya and Eric have enough stories for a long time.

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