TV Presenter Maria Komandnaya About Sports And Favorite Cosmetics

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TV Presenter Maria Komandnaya About Sports And Favorite Cosmetics
TV Presenter Maria Komandnaya About Sports And Favorite Cosmetics

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FOR THE HEADING "NALITSO" we study the contents of beauty cases, dressing tables and cosmetic cases of the characters we are interested in - and show all this to you.

Maria Command


My dream has always been to tell people about what I love more than anything else - about sports


About the need for care

If I had to tell how I take care of myself, six months ago, I simply would not have found an answer. Because my answer was - no way. It seemed to me that it was so cool: I am 27, I have never been to a beautician in my life, I use a moisturizer every other time, and you can broadcast me without foundation, just powdering it (this, by the way, was done at my previous job, which I was very glad). But six months ago, changes began to occur in my skin that terrified me. I got very irritated, I learned what acne and comedones are (without this knowledge I lived much better), I realized that I just need to go to a beautician.

The first thing that the specialist recommended to me was to start removing makeup normally after the airs and to do a combined facial cleansing. I work in television, so television makeup is applied to me almost every day. This is a fairly dense layer of tone and powder. I had never thought about the need to remove makeup carefully - so, I rubbed it with micellar water and then ran on business. The beautician discovered the Israeli brand Anna Lotan for me - and now I only use it. With my skin, it works real wonders: after foam, tonic and cream, it starts to glow. A little earlier, makeup artists at work taught me how to remove makeup from my eyes: it is also quite active and only a special two-phase liquid "takes" it.

About hair care and a dream hairdresser

If I somehow figured it out with the face and caring for it just now, then I had to deal with hair care much earlier. My friends tell me: "How lucky you are, you come to work and every day you are laid and painted." I tell them that, firstly, if I thought about it and this was my goal, then I would never work on television. My dream has always been to tell people what I love more than anything else - about sports. And the fact that they still lay me down and paint me is just a pleasant addition to the profession.

Secondly, when you are styled every day, then hair problems begin. They both burned my hair and broke the corrugation - that's why I take care of them especially carefully. I have an amazing hairdresser, I have known her for almost ten years. She is a real self-made woman and an example to follow. Once I was unsuccessfully dyed at work, and she said that she would no longer work with me - because she puts her soul into her business and is not ready for someone to spoil the hair she had been working on for so many years. Since then, I have promised that I will not dye or cut my hair anywhere else, and I am very happy. Every month I do a procedure called “Absolute Happiness for Hair” in salons (I do it at home). It really helps my hair - I recommend it to anyone who uses an iron and curling iron. After each procedure, you feel that your hair is nourished from the inside. Cool feeling, by the way. It also gives shine - it is important for me also for working in the frame.

About makeup in the frame and in life

I myself do not paint very much - for example, I do not apply tone, I only powder myself. I draw the upper arrow to the middle of the pupil and slightly lower my eyes. A little blush - and … I wanted to say that it was ready, but no. I have pretty problematic eyebrows. They, of course, haunt me, but an eyebrow pencil is the first thing I do if I need to go somewhere. At work, they paint them every 2-3 weeks - for me this is happiness.It's amazing how eyebrows shape your face and make it expressive. I remember the first time I made a correction. I was fourteen years old, and even then the master advised me to get a tattoo. I never returned to her, of course. In general, I heard this phrase that I need to get my eyebrows tattooed, probably a hundred times.

It's good that makeup artists from work don't think so. We have a really cool team. I've been working in television for a total of ten years (oh, moms) and I've seen all kinds of things, of course. Great attention is paid to our image. For example, when Match TV was just starting up, Natalya Bilan, our main producer, advised me to get a haircut, make a cascade of one length - and on the screen the hair really began to look more voluminous. There are a lot of TV secrets and tricks - but I no longer perceive them as such. For example, many of my colleagues put patches under their eyes before the broadcast - so that there are no bruises under the eyes. I rarely have them (and if they do, then concealer saves). Although, when you broadcast the morning broadcast, got up at three in the morning, arrived at work at four, then concealer is simply necessary for you.

Sleep is a very important part of our work (no matter how comical it may sound). When you sleep, you look better, you have a fresh face - and this is all damn important. This is how I was taught: the viewer doesn't care whether you got enough sleep or not, whether you had time to watch yesterday's night football or not, he is not interested in your problems and your mood. In the frame, you should always look great, you should know everything and be able to speak well about it. But when you could not fall asleep in time, even the touch of the brush that you paint with irritates you. It's amazing, but you really think that her pile consists of needles and scratches your skin. By the way, I prefer brushes with synthetic bristles, because they are softer. I have a set of Verba - these brushes are made by the chief make-up artist of Match TV Vera Baratova. Here they are super, do not inject. I also love the MAC brushes - they are great, of course. One of the last purchases is kabuki.

To be honest, I don't read anything about personal care and beauty (instead, I spend hours on sports sites). I follow Western sites about healthy lifestyles, but they usually don't write about cosmetics, except about taking care of yourself and your body. But make-up artists at work or girlfriends always tell me something interesting - one of them, Sasha Zerkaleva, was also the heroine of the "Available" column. We at, by the way, also not so long ago decided to write about beauty, started a column "Terrible power" and are terribly pleased - but there, of course, there is very little about cosmetics.

About love for sports

By the way, I do sports not to look better, but to feel better. Sport has always been in my life: as a child, cross-country skiing, then aerobics and fitness, and now functional training. Last year, Pasha Osovtsov, who was then promoting Rocky Road Gym, invited me to take part in their challenge - for two months I trained with a trainer three times a week for free, followed a nutrition plan and had to serve as an example of how you can change your body in such a short time. The body really changed, I got cubes on my stomach, and I also made a friend.

I like it when people sincerely love their work, like my coach Gosha, do not take it carelessly and work on their professional qualities. My favorite story: I come to a cafe to meet with my friends, take pictures of the menu, send Gaucher, and he writes what you can eat. Or, if he does not find anything light and protein in the menu, he asks me to pass the phone to the waiter - and he will already explain to him what to bring me. Gosha is a pro. I am often asked to advise a coach, even professional athletes. I am not ashamed to advise Gosh, I know that he will honestly do his job. For example, a medalist of the Games in Sochi, the beautiful Alena Zavarzina asked me who she should train with in the offseason - I sent her, you know, to whom.I think she was very pleased with the result.

About training and schedule

Now I do not train as much as I would like, but I try to have sport in one form or another in my life every day. About a month ago, I spoke at the Life Picnic event - Misha Khomich, who is engaged in startups and students at Skolkovo, read a lecture in front of me. Misha talked about how he was preparing for one of the most difficult marathons in the world - Marathon des Sables (participants must overcome 250 kilometers of the Sahara). Then Misha started a sign in the Excel: in the left column, he listed the things that needed to be done, and turned the top row into a calendar.

Things were something like this: pull yourself up so many times, stand in the bar for so many minutes. He pulled himself up - put one in the graph, no - put a zero. And so on. Such a simple micromanagement really works, Misha assured, and I also decided to try it. I made a tablet where my goals were to stand in the bar for at least 2-3 minutes every day, do push-ups 50 times (you can do more than one approach), do 50 squats, meditate for at least 2 minutes, not eat at night and read a certain number of pages. And, you know, now I really stand in the bar every day. Even if you come home late from work and you need to fill out your card, you do push-ups or do squats - try it, you will love it.


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