Trans-activist Yekaterina Messorosh On The Right To Work In Elections

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Trans-activist Yekaterina Messorosh On The Right To Work In Elections
Trans-activist Yekaterina Messorosh On The Right To Work In Elections

Video: Trans-activist Yekaterina Messorosh On The Right To Work In Elections

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Yesterday we talked about how the transgender Petersburg woman Yekaterina Messorosh was demanded to be removed from work in the election commission in the upcoming elections. Deputy Vitaly Milonov, who argued that a transgender person cannot do his job, and activist Timur Bulatov, who believed that the presence of a transgender woman at a polling station located at a school, would harm children, opposed Messorosh's participation in the PECs. Ekaterina Messorosh told us about the media attention that suddenly fell on her, relationships with colleagues and activism.

Ekaterina Messorosh

I now live a little "more fun" than before. I myself didn’t expect that I would be so calm about the cameras, “Life” and their frames - they unexpectedly showed me the raging Timur Bulatov on the air, and before that they aired it at the same time as Milonov. This is a good test of endurance. But this is also an important experience that gives some kind of inner confidence in what I am doing.

Yesterday I was still a little worried about Bulatov's plans: he wrote many applications to the education department, to the guardianship authorities, to the police, to the election commission, to the Fair Russia party. He posted all these statements on the Internet - this is just an example of illiteracy, including legal. Well, everyone has the right to write applications, I think, even if they are considered, it will not be critical. I can also write a statement against him, after all, he is a rather viscous person, very ideological, he will not lag behind so easily. He wrote, for example, that he was going to find out my address.

This is unpleasant, but, on the other hand, when he came to school, people behaved extremely adequately - he was simply carefully escorted out of the school. He called a police squad, but the school principal also called a police squad, two squads arrived. As a result, he never wrote a statement to the police, but tried to agitate his parents, said that there was a terrible and dangerous pervert in the school who corrupts children (that's me), and quite scared one child. In general, everything is fine - he got shy and left.

As for my colleagues from the PEC, I was very surprised by their calm reaction to my transfer - I expected some questions and actions, I was ready to answer, I had argumentation, but I did not have to apply it. The problems began because of the city commission - on Friday, a member of the Gorizbirkom Dmitry Krasnyansky for some reason said in an interview with Interfax that one of the commissions is a transgender: “I will not name names, but, for example, there was a young man Artyom, but became Yekaterina “. Well, of course, they quickly found me, and it all started with this drain.

On the street they don't recognize me yet and calmly perceive me as a woman, and close people are very supportive. It so happened that my life became much more open than I expected. I will honestly say that yesterday I was in a rather tense state because of all this fallen fame and questions, and today I have already figured out the situation with Bulatov, and it became calmer. I took a vacation from my main job, because so far I do not have the opportunity to work quietly (. I have been working in the office for two years, and my entire transition was in front of my colleagues. They are all very adequate, understanding, professional and educated, so there are no difficulties Yes, I have the best job in the world.

I understand that thanks to this situation I have acquired a certain political capital, so I go to all these interviews while they are interested in me. Through my publicity, I am engaged in trans-advocacy, telling that transgender people exist, that they do not correspond to the stereotypes that exist in society. I talk about myself and trans people in general as much as my interview topics allow.Usually I am engaged in non-public activism: I am a member of the T * -Action initiative group, which primarily provides medical assistance to trans people - we are developing a base of friendly doctors. This is very important: when trans people need medical help, they often don’t know who to turn to, because it’s dumb to go to a doctor who will shout at you and say that he doesn’t know how to treat aliens and Cheburashkas like you.

What is important to understand about trans people: they are people first and foremost. They are different, they do different things, they can be different, and being transgender does not make a person somehow wrong or inadequate. Due to the constant experience of transphobia, trans people can react violently in response. There are quite a few transgender people, but they are not visible, because society perceives them with hostility. This is primarily a problem of the society itself.

Photos: Ekaterina Messorosh / Facebook

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