Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator 2

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Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator 2
Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator 2

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Text: Tatiana Nikonova, the author of the sex blog Nikonova.online

DIVERSE AND IMPROVE YOUR SEXUAL LIFE can be done in different ways, and for this, in particular, there are many gadgets - so many that it is easy to get lost in their assortment. Especially for Wonderzine, various toys, accessories and special tools are regularly tested by sex blogger, incorruptible expert and owner of an excellent sense of humor Tatyana Nikonova.


The Sqweel 2 is a toy that looks like a pocket fan and is actually designed to simulate oral sex, becoming a bestseller in this category (which doesn't have that many competitors, to be honest). A wheel with ten flexible silicone petals is fixed in the body, the wheel spins, so that the petals "lick" the place to which the device was brought. As is often the case, the imitation as a result surpasses what it is trying to portray: no person is able to work with language so tirelessly and at a controlled uniform speed for any amount of time. In the end, the sensations of the receiving party also differ, including depending on the chosen mode of use.

The soundtrack is also not similar: Sqweel 2 squeaks noticeably and sometimes creaks, so it is suitable for those who are not embarrassed by the noise, and will be especially useful in winter, when you still have to hide under the covers. However, it makes sense to climb under it in any case: the device really looks like a fan and drives air around the clitoris. Slight cooling of the surroundings will not please everyone, and some may even reduce arousal.

The wheel rotates at different speeds. The higher the speed, the more intense the feeling - gain is controlled by the Play button. Also, Sqweel 2 has three modes: in the first two, curved petals rotate along the curvature, or vice versa, in the third - back and forth. In the descriptions of the toy, the modes are called "clockwise" and "in the opposite direction", but the idea of ​​the arrow's course depends on which side you turned the device towards, so it is easier to focus on the movement of the wheel relative to the inclination of the petals.


In addition, the Sqweel 2 can be turned over, this also changes the sensation: the petals move from top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, or vice versa. Choose yourself and change as desired. The charging part of the toy, for which you need to hold it, is flat, and manipulation is not difficult. The only problem is that during orgasm or pre-orgasmic state, you reflexively press the toy harder, but this slows down the rotation of the wheel, and the orgasm can evaporate due to the termination of stimulation. As with using Revel Body Sol, you need to get used to not pressing the device to yourself, and then the orgasm really resembles that which happens due to oral sex: discharge with relatively weak and almost unchanging stimulation.

You can use Sqweel 2 as you like: on men, women, genitals, nipples, and even for rimming (that is, caressing the anus). Sometimes you will not find those who want to process some places with the tongue, and the toy is not only the easiest way out, but also the most hygienic, because exciting games with the tongue are sometimes fraught with infections. In particular, rimming is one of the sources of hepatitis A. If you have one device for turning the hut both in front of the forest and backwards, buy a spare wheel and use different ones for different areas of the body. The same approach is suitable for a device used in a couple who have not yet decided to abandon barrier methods of protection. Each has his own wheel.

By the way, wheels come in different shapes, including not with petals, but with small thick protrusions that diversify the sensations. Most of all, their touches are similar to pressing with the pads of the fingers - but again with a constant speed, controlled force and for an incredibly long time, because the toys do not get tired, they only sometimes run out of batteries.

Life hacks and safety precautions:

Sqweel 2 is available in white and black. White is prettier; on black, fingerprints and other consequences of active actions are less visible.

Use the maximum amount of lubricant. This is the very case when you do not need to feel sorry for him, since some will disappear inside the device, and some will be smeared with an even layer along the crotch.Without lubrication, given the speed of rotation of the toy wheel, its touch will be at least unpleasant. Most of the reviews about the uncomfortable use of Sqweel 2 are accompanied by remarks: "I somehow don't like lubricants."

Lubricant will be required exclusively on a water basis. Silicone destroys the silicone from which the wheel is made - just like any greasy cream. Saliva and just water instantly dry up, because the wheel works in a sense like a fan. So your only choice is a water-based lubricant purchased from a sex shop or regular pharmacy.

The toy can be easily disassembled into parts for washing, and it is necessary to clean the Sqweel 2 - during the process, the lubricant does not go anywhere. In no case throw away the instructions until you disassemble and assemble the device a couple of times. The booklet contains clarifications on disassembly, which were not indicated on the parts of the toy themselves.

Unfortunately, the toy is not rechargeable, but battery powered. You will need AAA batteries, but you can use AC-rechargeable batteries of the same size instead. True, now there is also a mini-version of the device - Sqweel Go, now it is rechargeable.

You can wash the charging part of the device only by removing the batteries, and putting them back - only after drying the charging part thoroughly. If you are too lazy to follow all the steps, just do not wash the charging part, it still does not come into contact with the body. And you can remove traces of hands stained with lubricant with a damp cloth.

The toy is not waterproof, so it cannot be used in the bath or shower, where it asks.

Sqweel 2 comes in an excellent metal box. A mountain of tampons has moved into mine, the box is now in the toilet. But I do not recommend carrying a toy in it if you have to travel by plane. At the inspection, they may be seriously interested, you will have to open it in front of everyone.

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