Premiere: Leading Russian Actresses In The Clip Of The SBPCh "Lyuba"

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Premiere: Leading Russian Actresses In The Clip Of The SBPCh "Lyuba"
Premiere: Leading Russian Actresses In The Clip Of The SBPCh "Lyuba"

Video: Premiere: Leading Russian Actresses In The Clip Of The SBPCh "Lyuba"

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Today we have the premiere of the SBPCh's video for the song "Lyuba" - about love and a girl named Love. The video was directed by the choreographer and friend of the group, Oleg Glushkov. This is a clip-experiment in which famous Russian actresses - Polina and Ksenia Kutepovs, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Olga Sutulova, Alisa Khazanova, Victoria Tolstoganova and Maria Shalaeva - took part, who agreed to listen to the song at the sight of the camera. The director specifically looked for actresses with extensive professional experience: "It turned out that all our heroines are very different, each has its own inner rhythm and temperament."

The entire video is a set of close-ups that give the impression that we are also listening to Lyuba for the first time, sitting in the same room with the heroines of the video: “As conceived, each face is a small story, in the video we are not only watching this story in a super-close-up but also provoking a little with a song. We filmed each actress in one take, which resulted not only in a crossover with the popular Internet genre reaction video, but also a real experiment”. In addition to the actresses, the performer of the song, Kirill Ivanov, appears in the frame.

The track was included in the new SBPC album, released on September 9th. The record is called “We are a huge animal, and we will eat you all!”, It can be downloaded on iTunes or listened to Apple Music.

The album can be heard live on September 23 in St. Petersburg at the Cosmonaut club and on November 5 at the Izvestia Hall in Moscow.

Kirill Ivanov

This is not just a clip, but rather a meditation, practice, contemplative experience and psychological experiment. We included the song "Lyuba" for our favorite actresses and filmed how they react to it. They heard it for the first time. So every time you watch the video, it's also like listening to the song for the first time. Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Alisa Khazanova, Polina and Ksenia Kutepov, Maria Shalaeva, Victoria Tolstoganova, Olga Sutulova are wonderful actresses, and besides, they are very beautiful girls. They are just incredibly interesting to watch. Behind their reactions, looks, chuckles and embarrassment. You seem to live it all with them. Again and again. This is a very touching and poignant experience that the viewer can now repeat endlessly.

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