Sarah Paulson, Rami Malek And Other Emmy Winners

Sarah Paulson, Rami Malek And Other Emmy Winners
Sarah Paulson, Rami Malek And Other Emmy Winners

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In the United States, an Emmy Award Ceremony was held - an Oscar analogue for the creators of TV series and TV films. The winners of the ceremony this year were the creators of the series "Game of Thrones": the fantasy saga won the award for best drama series, and also set a record for the number of Emmy figurines - in its history the series has received 38 awards. Competitors for Game of Thrones in the nomination were the shows Americans, Better Call Saul, Downton Abbey, Homeland, House of Cards and Mr. Robot.

Best Comedy Series was voted the Political Satirical Show “Vice President,” starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who received an award for her role as a female Senator who becomes Vice President of the United States. American Crime Story, which was named Best Miniseries, also won several Emmy awards. Based on the true events surrounding the murder case of famed football player and actor OJ Simpson, Sarah Paulson, who won the Best Actress award, stars as the lead role in this show. Paulson came to the ceremony with Marsha Clarke, who became the prototype for her character in the series. The actress made a touching speech from the stage and apologized to her character for being prejudiced against her during the trial.

The prize for the best television film was awarded to a new episode of the series "Sherlock" - "Ugly Bride". The best actress in a drama series was named Tatiana Maslani from the show "Dark Child". Best Actor in a Drama Series was Rami Malek, who starred in Mr. Robot, and a similar comedy nomination went to Jeffrey Tambor, who played a transgender woman in the series “Transparent,” which we have advised you on more than one occasion. In his touching speech, Tambor noted that his victory is problematic for the LGBT community and called for transgender actors to play themselves in films. The actor said that he would like to be the last cis man to take on the role of trans.

A complete list of nominees and winners is available on the award website.

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