New York Fashion Week's Most Controversial Makeups

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New York Fashion Week's Most Controversial Makeups
New York Fashion Week's Most Controversial Makeups

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New York Fashion Week is over leaving behind one revolution of Tom Ford, the Kanye West leggings scandal, the beauty triumph at the Ashley Graham lingerie show and the brilliant appearance of Whoopi Goldberg. It's too early to sum up, but one thing is absolutely certain: every year the show and the statement becomes more important than the actual show of clothes. This is reflected in the brands' beauty looks. Makeup becomes a vehicle for expressing ideas, flirting with current social themes and, ultimately, a way to just have fun. Show and talk about the most noticeable, weird and interesting makeup of New York Fashion Week.

Hood by air and porn

The show of the spring collection was held with the support of Pornhub, and, of course, this could not but affect the features of the models' images. In combination with Shane Oliver's love for shocking tricks, the following happened: during the evening, men and women walked the catwalk, whose faces and hair were generously and rather unequivocally smeared with transparent jelly. MAC makeup artist Inge Grognard was in charge of the show's makeup, but she did not say a word about associations with porn films and cumshots: “We were inspired by the image of a mischievous child who plays pranks until his parents see it”. According to Hood By Air, mischievous children bathed in Vaseline, Egyptian Magic oily cream and Ultra Ice makeup.

Desigual and Snapchat Filters

Over the course of the year, a slew of famous and lesser-known bloggers showed off their Snapchat filter-inspired makeup. Now this goofy but hilarious trend has hit the catwalk. MAC makeup artists drew carnival body art on Desigual models' faces, while Redken hair stylists decorated their hair with paper flowers and butterflies. The latter may well be reborn as an independent trend next spring: flowers and feathers in hair were shown by Rodarte and Michael Costello, and Delpozo models came out with lush flower garlands on their ears.

VFILES and complete anarchy

VFILES is not only an online store, but also a launching pad for young designers, and their showcases are eye-catching. This year the composition of the participants is as international as possible (Italy, Hong Kong, Belgium, Mexico, Korea), and bows are one more extraordinary than the other. At least two out of five designers do not hide that their collections are not just a set of clothes, but an attempt to speak out on social and political topics. Barbara Sanchez-Kane made friends with national Mexican outfits with BDSM aesthetics, and Rushemy Botter added unisex looks with posters "Enemy of Terrorism", "Enemy of Racism" and so on. The most eccentric makeup was shown by the Korean Song Seoyoon: men and women took to the catwalk in clothes resembling saline bags. The faces of some were smeared with red lipstick, while others came out with dotted lines and inscriptions, as if they had just visited the office of a plastic surgeon.

Thom Browne and Fake Tan

Last year, the designer, unevenly breathing towards art, took inspiration from traditional Japanese theater. In the same he showed a show, which was dubbed "the pool party from the Stepford Wives." Models threw off their colorful hats, and bright dresses with prints of flowers and graphic elements were found under the capes. Already under them, in turn, were swimsuits. Models in animal costumes, removing scattered clothes from the catwalk, gave an eerie atmosphere to the show. The make-up for this collection was invented unprecedented: if it is difficult to surprise with lipsticks of light pastel shades, then a dense tone several shades darker than the natural skin color in the style of "imitation tan" is remarkable.

Marc Jacobs and faux dreadlocks

The most scandalous thing that happened to the hair at New York Fashion Week is the soft multi-colored dreadlocks in Marc Jacobs bows.The collection itself looked like the fruit of the love of baroque and rave culture: shoes on platforms, vinyl mini, beads, embroidery, a little fur. Hairstyles constructed from wool threads were quite handy and looked really great.

The inspiration was the dreadlocks of Lana Wachowski, who participated in last year's advertising campaign for the brand, and the handicraft store Etsy - the dreadlocks were rolled by hand. Despite everything, Marc Jacobs still snatched off a portion of accusations of racism for the fact that predominantly white models appeared on the catwalk with a hairstyle associated with the culture of the African American community. Let's see if public condemnation hinders the trend's inception - especially since Jacobs has already apologized.

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