Who To Subscribe To: Hector The Mod Dog

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Who To Subscribe To: Hector The Mod Dog
Who To Subscribe To: Hector The Mod Dog

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CONTINUE TO SHARE about decent social media accounts through which the whole world can be viewed. Today we could not pass by an account dedicated to the pet of one of the most interesting and original designers of our time - Tom Brown. His dog Hector will take a special place both in your heart and on your Instagram.

Articles are devoted to the pets of the stars, together with their owners, they are filmed for magazines, and sometimes they get Instagram accounts - both amateur and official. Designer Tom Brown, whose shows are at the intersection of fashion and theatrical performance, is far from the hype around him: he is rather stingy on interviews, is not famous for loud statements and leads a relatively calm lifestyle.

It was all the more surprising to find that Brown's wire-haired dachshund and his partner Andrew Bolton (a famous fashion curator) had an Instagram account. However, even before social networks, Hector left his mark on history. In honor of him, the designer created a toy bag to which critic and journalist Katie Horin dedicated a half-joking article. Horin admitted that this bag literally riveted the attention of all photographers during fashion weeks. In an interview with Vogue.com, the designer explained the creation of the account simply: “I started it to make people smile - because it makes us smile with Andrew every day. And besides, he's just incredibly cute."

There are not many photos on the Instagram dedicated to Hector yet - nevertheless, he was brought up quite recently, during New York Fashion Week. But those that exist really make you smile. Hector walks through Tom's New York flagship store, poses with the same Katie Horin and Tavi Gevinson, and faces a difficult choice. In general, if you love animals and fashion, be sure to subscribe to Hector.

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