Difficult Choice: Girls About Finding Their Beautician

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Difficult Choice: Girls About Finding Their Beautician
Difficult Choice: Girls About Finding Their Beautician

Video: Difficult Choice: Girls About Finding Their Beautician

Video: Difficult Choice: Girls About Finding Their Beautician
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Meeting with a good beautician can radically change the attitude to care, reduce unnecessary waste on inappropriate cosmetics and cleanse not only the pores, but also the soul. However, visits to a specialist often fall into the category of empty expenses, which were not caused by a desire to make friends with your skin, but by problems that can no longer be solved with the help of your favorite cream. We asked several girls from different cities about what brought them to the beautician's office, what mistakes should be avoided and how it turned out to get the most out of the hikes.


Katya Lukyanova

medical student

For the first time, I turned to the services of a beautician at the age of thirteen. To whom to go, questions did not even arise. I lived in a small town where everyone knows about everyone, so it was easy to make inquiries. Puberty was in full swing, and the condition of the skin of the face left much to be desired. Unfortunately, at that age it was unrealistic to force me to follow all the recommendations (however, even now it does not always work out). I was prescribed a course of treatment, and I started going to the salon regularly every 2-3 weeks. At that time, it seemed to me terribly adult and responsible. The hardest part turned out to be following the diet. For the rest of the appointments, the attitude was much more serious, albeit not for long. During this time, I have tried almost all cosmetics for problem skin. And the older I got, the more I felt how strongly they recommend me to the very company with which the salon has a contract. As a result, I use regular baby cream.

After I moved to Moscow and went to the salon a couple of times unsuccessfully, I just started to be afraid to go somewhere and for a while decided to completely abandon it. It still remains a mystery to me how residents of big cities find good specialists. Now my attitude to cosmetology has changed a lot. I myself am already studying at the senior courses of medical university and only go to the doctors I know. First, some of the guidelines are now asking too many questions. Secondly, hearing about "marine collagen" and the like is now just ridiculous, and in general I have more confidence in qualified specialists.

Inga Rachkova


My acquaintance with the world of cosmetology began five years ago, as soon as I came of age. Despite the large number of "proven" cosmetologists, I found an intelligent doctor, whom I can confidently entrust with my beauty and health, only six months ago. Happiness did not last long, I moved to another city and now again in search of "that very one". Unfortunately, I had to deal with the negligent, sometimes even monstrous, in my opinion, attitude of the so-called specialists. For example, during salicylic peeling (and chemical peeling, as you know, is a controlled burn), the beautician allowed herself to leave the office for twenty or twenty, Karl! - minutes. After that, there were serious consequences, which I had to cope with alone: neither the beautician nor the clinic's management could adequately comment on the situation and take responsibility for what happened.

One of the cosmetologists prescribed oral contraceptives for me in the fight for beautiful skin, despite the fact that I did not even have moderate acne. Moreover, the appointment of OK was without testing, which is also a serious mistake. The following advice was also sounded: "wipe the skin with chlorhexidine and alcohol", "steam your face, wipe with ice" - that with rosacea, which I inherited, it is unacceptable. Fortunately, a large amount of information on the Internet helps to independently reduce the number of mistakes in skin care. My combination skin requires regular cleansing (I prefer atraumatic) and good home care. Here I settled on acid-containing cosmeceuticals.

In my opinion, the beautician is obliged to take an anamnesis. If you have been prescribed any procedures without it, you are at very high risk. The specialist must have a higher profile education, although now the presence of a diploma is also not a guarantee. It is good if you have the opportunity to contact the beautician after leaving the office: as a rule, questions arise about the condition of the skin. He should provide you with home care while providing an alternative in terms of cost and availability. For me, an important indicator is also the condition of the skin of the beautician himself, since "a shoemaker without boots" is a bad option.


Olga Tarasova

11th grade student

I started going to the beautician at about 13-14 years old, when the small age-specific skin problems began. It was not difficult to find my doctor, because quite quickly through my friends I found out exactly about the beautician whom I still visit. Home care has changed according to the advice of a specialist. If earlier I could just buy some well-known brand of cleansing foam at the pharmacy, now everything is different - and the effect, of course, is better. Of the mandatory procedures, I do the following: every day I wash my face with cream soap, apply a mask that tightens the pores, after the mask - a protective cream. In the evening, after washing, I use camphor cream.


The first time I went to a beautician at 24 years old - then I stopped taking oral contraceptives and for the first time since adolescence I had skin problems. While taking hormonal drugs, the skin without any effort was close to the state of "baby's butt" and remained so even with the approach "I will wash you somehow and smear you with something." With the abolition of drugs, the situation has changed dramatically. After one particularly long morning retouching of all the rashes on my face, I decided: enough to endure it. It is worth saying that I did not particularly understand how the skin works and what are the reasons for its failures. Therefore, I was guided by the principle "if there is inflammation, it means that it is not cleanly washed out enough." From this, it logically followed the almost daily cleansing of the unfortunate face with scrubs, which, of course, only exacerbated the situation, since the skin was very dry.

I started looking for a beautician. Interrogations of acquaintances did not give any result, I did not want to go to the salons at random. Omitting the details, I can formulate the first rule of the fight club: do not go to beauticians who are accepted in private offices. Perhaps I was just unlucky, but I would not want to go through a two-week healing of wounds on my face again after a banal atraumatic cleansing. Add to that a five-day ban on makeup. There was no improvement after this procedure, which is not surprising - I was not told about the causes of skin problems. When I asked about proper care, the beautician immediately said: "We need to buy professional products, I will give you a catalog of the brand with which I work, - buy from them." This prospect somehow did not inspire me.

After the unfortunate first cleaning, I was afraid for a couple of months even to think about the next trip to the beautician. But somehow a photo of my friend in one of the cosmetology clinics in our city appeared on the Instagram feed. Since the condition of the face of the author of the photo pleased me (yes, I know about the existence of Photoshop and filters, but this is not the case), I decided to try again. Frightened by the effect of the previous "atraumatic" cleansing, I signed up for an ultrasound to avoid severe injuries on my face. After the procedure, I was told that before doing anything more serious than ultrasound, the skin needs to be healed elementarily, and was advised to leave it alone - as much as possible. Completely abandon scrubs, buy a hypoallergenic remedy Physiogel, take a course of "Lactofiltrum" and see what happens in a month. A month later, I saw skin for which a thin layer of powder is enough instead of a half-hour application of tone, concealer, corrector, and so on. No, not perfect, but much cleaner.

Then there was one more cleaning, already combined. I went to the procedure as to hard labor on Friday evening, so that I could spend the next two days at home under the covers. However, it was recommended to give up makeup only for the next two hours after the procedure, and my face did not look at all intimidating. Finally, everything healed in five days, and since then, global skin problems have not returned. Taking a break between cleansing for more than two and a half to three months, the situation, of course, worsens - but it is a great reminder that, in fact, you should not postpone the visit. I no longer make any decisions about changing care and procedures on my own - there is a doctor for this. The moral of the story is this: look for a good clinic and your doctor, and you will have happiness and clear skin.


Tanya Tsivlina

heat and power engineer

I went to a beautician in order to finally solve the problem of rashes on the face, having previously dealt with the main reason from the field of gynecology. I was looking for my doctor on the principle of word of mouth, reviews on the Internet seemed unreliable to me. I had an idea about cosmetic procedures even before visiting a specialist, but after that it became clear what, when, where and why to inject, when to start doing it or not, and how to do without punctures, but keep a smooth face. In general, it is somehow premature to expect magic from cosmetologists at the age of 24. All problems with inflammation on the face are usually associated with either gastrointestinal problems or hormonal levels. Therefore, for everyone who wants to lay on the shoulders of cosmetologists the solution of all skin problems, I would advise first to contact a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and gynecologist and eliminate the cause, and then deal with the consequences on the face.

Polina Kirichenko


I believe that everyone comes to a beautician for different purposes. If someone has the ingenuity and time to simply provide the skin care they need, then okay. But as far as real problems are concerned, here is my story. From the age of twelve my face was such that I hid it behind my hair. In search of “that one” beautician, I met different guys who took some courses or promoted the miraculous cosmetics of the same brand. At the age of sixteen (my self-esteem was already in the red, and my facial skin was no better), I found that specialist who really saved my future. It was not just a beautician - it was a doctor. The diet is not the first thing that I have been prescribed. She sent me for tests, to an endocrinologist, and so on - the process went on.

After a year, I didn't have a single pimple. And the beautician took from me only 250 hryvnia for cleaning and nothing for advice on care, diet, rashes, and so on. In general, I made the following conclusion for myself: a beautician should be a guide from an external problem (face + acne) to an internal one (in my case, hormones). It is good if it is a doctor: so, most likely, you will not only heal the skin, but also solve an internal problem that may manifest itself in the future. Therefore, advice: look for a doctor and a conscientious person in the face of a beautician. The main thing to remember: if scrub creams did not help to completely get rid of, for example, from rashes, you may need to review your diet or check your health. And also immediately run away from those who advise you not to use powder / foundation under any circumstances. This is far from the first and not the third, from which your problems could arise, and an intelligent cosmetologist should know this. Now I am talking with my doctor-cosmetologist "VKontakte" to my complete pleasure.

Diana Pogozheva

Senior Specialist

in the company "Gazprombank"

I started going to a beautician when problems with my face began. Gradually, new needs and desires began to appear: to prick something, freshen up, and so on. It is not so easy to find your “own” cosmetologist, especially now, when there are so many of them. But here I was lucky, since my mother carefully monitors her appearance, and I just went to her own specialists. I use the services of three cosmetologists, two of them are from my mother, those that are "for years". They have a lot of experience and proper education, I'm not even sure if they post photos of their work anywhere. I really like both of them, but each has its own technique, its own materials, so I divide them: to one - to inject something, to the other - for peels and masks. I found the third beautician on Instagram - this is a girl with a bunch of clients and subscribers. I went to her once to pin my lips a little: I needed a certain result, and I, in principle, got it.

My home care has changed, I started looking for certain brands with a normal composition, suitable for my skin. I rarely make masks myself, I don't need to remind me of washing. Well, funds appeared at home for an emergency, if something unpleasant suddenly pops up on your face.

An experienced beautician is always needed in stock, my advice is not just one. What is very important, a good specialist with great experience can give many recommendations for various procedures, even for those that he himself does not do. The doctor will advise which tests to take and what can be checked. If you want to carry out any surgical interventions, then such a cosmetologist always has contacts of surgeons, to whom you can go for a consultation on the recommendation - it is always calmer this way.

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