Sociologist Polina Kolozaridi On Special Care And Favorite Cosmetics

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Sociologist Polina Kolozaridi On Special Care And Favorite Cosmetics
Sociologist Polina Kolozaridi On Special Care And Favorite Cosmetics

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Polina Kolosaridi

sociologist and internet researcher

People are not equal to their body


About atopic dermatitis and alpine lawns

When I was a child, they said that I had diathesis. Then I had very dry skin. As a teenager, it was cool, but even a little offensive: no acne, peers discussing Clearasil, and I wiped my face with a cloth and that's it. And from the age of 25 it started: very dry sensitive skin, prone to atopy. In medical terms, this is atopic dermatitis. The name sounds terrible, and sometimes it's really very unpleasant: the skin turns red and cracks if you eat something allergenic or find yourself in an environmentally unfavorable place - for example, Moscow. In addition, itching constantly accompanies and you leave behind pieces of skin wherever you have to.

At first I did not really understand what was happening, I tried a mountain of cosmetics. And then I did tests for allergens and found out a lot of little things that I did not know about before. It turned out that I had a reaction to white flour, coffee, chicken, dill, or even hibiscus tea. Stress, synthetics, cold, many natural oils, wool - a lot of things don't suit me.

A separate pain is dermatologists and cosmetologists. I understand that it is difficult to tell a person that he has an incurable disease, but this is, in general, true. Dermatitis is almost not treated, it sometimes goes away, and the rest of the time all that remains is to fight the symptoms. Doctors are trying to somehow help, but most often their advice boils down to the fact that, they say, go, dear, to a place with a good climate and get rid of stress. But I have a family and work in Moscow, and a lot of things to do in Russia. I do not dream of settling in an Italian village or on an alpine lawn in the coming years. In general, I have learned to treat the condition of the skin both as a disease (sometimes it is very difficult to leave the house), and as a feature. It seems to me that this is a rather important skill - not to be afraid to perceive yourself that way. You immediately understand that people are not equal to their bodies. We all have to fight with him, then to establish contact.

About care, treatment and ointments for astronauts

With great difficulty, I found excellent doctors and equipment that I need to relieve exacerbations. I need special lamps like the ones in the tanning salon, as well as blood purification. But this is a last resort, usually thorough home care is enough. Hydration, hydration, hydration and no indulgences. This is sometimes very annoying: if you have not smeared it at night, you wake up, and instead of skin - parchment, and it crumbles.

I tried to figure it out myself, I'm still a sociologist, and I wonder what kind of feature it is, which is considered a disease somewhere, and somewhere not. This is not the rarest disease: there are separate cosmetic lines for atopic skin. But, alas, scientific articles most often describe the same unknown ailment with several main factors of exacerbation: the ecological situation, genetics, tissues, allergens.

Large concerns such as Avène, Uriage, Vichy, produce universal products that once suited me, but now they are not. In addition, the skin quickly gets used to it, you have to change the product every couple of months and return to it only after a year. As a result, I have a whole warehouse of caring products. Another mountain lies on cosmetic bags for travel, because I am constantly on the road and not always find myself on lawns with an ideal climate and water.

The most suitable products for me are Topicrem and Emolium. When I travel, I buy local products. Often it is something similar, for example the German Eubos, they have an ingenious line with urea.But there is something exotic, for example, in Jurmala, I was advised by a local supermaz, which is brewed by someone on the spot. I bought it as a potion in such a wooden house with a carved gate. The remedy turned out to be fantastic, called Rinka Ziede. True, it is honeyed and smells like propolis, but nothing, at night I do not smell anything.

Here is Zorka cream with floralisin - an excellent remedy, or the great Unna ointment with lanolin, which smells like an unwashed cow. How not to remember the godlike ASD-paste, which was made to protect astronauts from radioactive radiation - its smell can scare away not only radiation. Russian dermatologists believe in it (in my experience, not in vain), foreigners do not. But in the West, dermatitis is treated with lamps, which were made for the same purpose: their alpha rays, which were also used on astronauts, treat skin cancer.

One good thing about this whole story is that I still never get acne. If the skin is not irritated, it looks cool: smooth, no blackheads, blush. Fortunately, I live in peace with some restrictions on food and clothing and have acquired a useful skill: I can understand types of fabrics, allergies, and more. Of the caring procedures, I really can't use acids or peels. The skin still needs to be cleaned, so I found a suitable hammam and go there - although it's not worth it too often. Water in Moscow is not at all the best friend of a person with skin peculiarities.

About makeup

Several years ago I found my favorite products in Anthropologie and have been using them ever since. I buy everything else from budget brands and I am very pleased with this. Lumene, for example, make very good products and keep track of the materials. In general, I prefer small brands, especially since I don't have much choice with caring cosmetics.

My make-up is usually simple: I remove dark circles under my eyes, add a little blush and sometimes lift my eyes. I like that without makeup my face is always different, in the morning it is a little more plump, in the evening cheekbones are drawn. Sometimes, of course, I want to be "ah!", Then I do the same, but a little more intensely, and dye my eyelashes.

I don’t really need any foundation, and I don’t like it when the skin is all the same color. I love it when moles, freckles, different colors of the nose and cheeks are visible, and not layers of foundation. Well, eyebrows are both pain and joy. I usually go to the salon, where they are cleaned with a thread (it's quick, not painful and super smooth), but fixing them myself is the most annoying part of all the care. I do not differ in pedantry and accuracy: I still really do not know how to paint my lips, although once I even bought myself a lipstick of the perfect red color. I think I was inspired by the Wonderzine material, but how to walk all day with her, I still did not understand.

About hair, fragrances and wellness

Due to the lack of decorative cosmetics, I attach great importance to clothes, hairstyles and smells. With aromas I am almost monogamous (I have changed brands from five to thirteen, it seems), I like retro and incense variations. My favorite scent is COMME des GARÇONS Standard. Now I also wear two other pleasant ones: Armani Privé Bois d'Encens and Russian Leather cologne. A couple of separate words about Russian leather: this is a cologne from Cologne, and apart from Cologne I have never seen it anywhere. It is a local scent, one of the oldest, that smells like a church on Easter. Armani made, as they say, a perfume that collected the smells of his favorite Catholic churches.

My hair is curly but soft. A rare combination, sometimes it seems that all the manufacturers of hair products are against me. For some reason, they want their hair to be straight and smooth, and also shiny. It's sad when girls straighten their curls to look more conventional. But if someone really likes straight lines more, I am not against such experiments - I have not carried them with myself for many years. All I do is moisturize a little and use products that remove excess fluff, make the hair a little heavier. I also love the beach version: Sachajuan is the coolest spray for my taste. Sometimes I use a balm instead of a styling product.

I know examples of beautiful women who do exercises all their lives and look great at 85. This is very important for me, I like growing up, and I calmly think about old age. The main thing, I think, is not to completely ruin my posture and feel decent, so I do exercises and try to walk a lot. I am supposed to be healthy because of my skin, and I have taught myself to drink a lot: a glass of water in the morning is obligatory. I do boxing whenever possible, there are simple versions of it, where you hit the punching bag, not your partner. I ride a scooter around Moscow. I try to monitor my health: of course, modern technologies and cosmetics can do a lot, but it seems to me that the body is also a customizable system.


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