Monki Released Videos About Periods And Masturbation

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Monki Released Videos About Periods And Masturbation
Monki Released Videos About Periods And Masturbation

Video: Monki Released Videos About Periods And Masturbation

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As part of the Global Women's Rights Manifesto campaign, the Swedish brand Monki has published videos on masturbation and menstruation. Campaign slogans call for breaking stereotypes about these normal manifestations of feminine nature and sexuality and for open conversation about “uncomfortable” topics.

“It's time to end the stigmatization of menstruation,” the campaign authors say. - It's time to stop thinking that women should be ashamed of a perfectly normal phenomenon, and to shame them because of it. It's just your period. Nothing out of the ordinary, this is the order of the day. This is normal. The world is built on this. " The culture of shame around menstruation was highlighted by activist Kieran Gandhi, who ran the London Marathon during her period without using a tampon.

The heroine of the second video, entitled "Make Yourself Happy," talks about inequality in the way society treats male and female masturbation. Sex blogger Carly Shortino spoke about why it is important for women to explore their sexuality and to indulge themselves without shame.

Videos “Menstruation? Normal situation! " and Enjoy Yourself are part of the Global Manifesto for Women's Rights, which we talked about earlier. One of the tenets of the international campaign was presented by the product director of Hopes & Fears and our regular author Rita Popova, excerpts from her interview on the role of education in the lives of girls can be read here. Other campaign videos are available on the brand's official channel.

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