Express Styling For Short Hair: 7 Video Tutorials

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Express Styling For Short Hair: 7 Video Tutorials
Express Styling For Short Hair: 7 Video Tutorials

Video: Express Styling For Short Hair: 7 Video Tutorials

Video: 10 Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair 2022, November

Short or medium length haircuts are considered the most versatile and convenient. In fact, however, styling often turns into torment and leaving the house with what has formed on the head spontaneously. We found seven clear and simple video tutorials that will help diversify the set of everyday hairstyles and tame the bob if it starts to seem not so perfect.

Harnesses and braids on a short bob

Not only long-haired have the exclusive right to pigtails and plaits, and beauty blogger from Spain Patri Jordan clearly proves this. In order to reproduce these simple, but non-trivial hairstyles, you will need thin elastic bands, invisibility and, in fact, your hands. If the hair is unruly, then it is worth preparing it. But conscientiously braided braids last all day and at the same time relieve strands falling on the face. You can see many other styling options for short hair on the channel - Patri Jordan seems to be quite fond of the lazy approach.

Quick styling to shoulder length

Blogger Fabulous Hannah has a classic elongated bob where she shows ten styling options. It has all the basic set, including light curls, a morning ponytail and one chic braid. In this lesson, you can learn a number of techniques to help create the appearance of a messy hairstyle (and not make yourself a real "bad hair day"). With the proper sleight of hand, none of them will take more than ten minutes. At the end is a curling iron styling guide, but only those who regularly use the curling iron can do it in five minutes.

Styling textured hair

Popular blogger Ingrid Nielsen shows you how to diversify your life with two braids. The secret to preparing your hair is to texture it first. The author of the lesson uses regular mousse, but you can use a spray if you are not in the mood for a full cycle with washing and then drying your hair. The result is reliable: the hairstyle looks neat, but does not require much effort and precision. The same lesson can be taken into account if you need to style not very clean hair - just use dry shampoo.

Medium length buns

Five fun hairstyles with buns that need hair just below the shoulders. The lesson is designed for those who want to achieve results without making any special efforts. In order for the hairstyles to look as touching as those of the author of the lesson, during the styling process it is better to give the hair a tangible volume. But combing and straightening them is not at all necessary - such casual beams require carelessness. If the fluffiness still seems outrageous, you can use products that relieve hair from electrification.

Tumblr Hairstyles

There are three more five-minute styling, inspired by the images of girls from the toggle switch: a laconically straightened bob, a bun in which half of the strands are gathered, while others are released, and beach waves - a hairstyle that everyone wants. Nothing surprising or impossible. A styler with a specific attachment is really ideal for creating such curls, but you can get by with something more familiar. For example, hair-dried braids will give the same result, only it will take a little longer.

Neat bun in five minutes

You can give your hair the maximum, but quite achievable volume, like the author of the lesson, or you can prepare the hair in any other, more familiar and convenient way. In the main roles - dry shampoo, thin elastic bands and hairpins, which will be needed quite a lot if the hair is thick. The lesson, contrary to the name, is not too simple, but at the same time detailed. In this case, several workouts will do their job, and after mastering the most basic options for high hairstyles, you can show your imagination endlessly.

Pixie styling

The author of the channel talks a lot about pixies: you can watch her other videos to fully comprehend the art of taming haircuts. At the beginning of the video, there is a good life hack with a baseball cap (this, of course, for any haircuts and any occasion), but in general you can make braids and plaits on a pixie, style your hair in various directions, play with textures and volume. If you acquire several means of varying degrees of fixation, you will open the way to dozens of image options. Scarves and headbands, as we already wrote, are especially good friends with pixies.

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