5 Offbeat Ideas For A Fun Bachelorette Party

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5 Offbeat Ideas For A Fun Bachelorette Party
5 Offbeat Ideas For A Fun Bachelorette Party

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There is no better way to restore your peace of mind than spending time with friends. Classic bachelorette party scenarios assume that the participants will dress up in pajamas, buy cupcakes and wine, and while away the evening. It's a good option, but what's stopping you from trying something new? As part of the joint project of the Instagram-series Play With Time and Wonderzine, we have collected several original ideas for girls' parties.

Moto walk

The division into "male" and "female" sports is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. More and more girls ride a motorcycle, and those who have not yet decided to start thinking about it seriously. If you and your friends have a driver's license of the required category, arrange a friendly drive in the city or a motorcycle ride outside the city. If you do not have a license, you can always look for drivers among friends or members of motorcycle communities. For example, BikePost has a very friendly audience, and you can easily find pleasant company there. Another party option is racing at the circuit. Take a closer look at the Leader site in Podolsk: here you can rent a track and ride your motorcycles. And for those without a motorcycle and a license, it is better to go kart or negotiate driving lessons. If the event suddenly drags on, there are restaurants and a hotel "Ivanhoe" next to the site.

Gambling party

This option is perhaps the easiest to organize: find cards, chips, a poker table and free up the evening. Then everything depends only on the level of your enthusiasm. For example, the whole company can dress up in boas and floor-length dresses, prepare themed cocktails, and play for money (you will be surprised how much you can lose at a home poker party, so we advise you to decide in advance on a comfortable amount of loss). For large companies, the format of a gambling mini-vacation at the dacha is suitable, which can be converted into your own small casino. And those who prioritize authenticity and are ready to spend money on it can go to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia or Montenegro - where, unlike Russia, gambling is legal. Large establishments like the Victoria casino in Minsk even organize weekend tours: you will have two days to lose everything or win a fortune in the company of your friends and come back with your head held high. Another option is to take a cruise on a ship: as soon as the ship enters neutral waters, it has the right to organize gambling on board for money.

Road trip with girlfriends

Enough of direct day flights, hotels with breakfast included, and bus tours. At least once, get into the car with your friends and go wherever you look. Moreover, it is easier to venture on a road trip in a pleasant company. You can start with a simple route Moscow - St. Petersburg, or finally get to the most beautiful cities like Suzdal, Kostroma and Sergiev Posad. The road will take very little time and does not require a large investment, so this is a great idea for a bachelorette party if you have only one or two days off. You can do without a car at all: just find a fellow traveler on the same BlaBlaCar or, in the end, take a train. You will return rested, with a mountain of new impressions and boring souvenirs (a gingerbread from Tula will be more interesting than a duty magnet from Europe). And for courageous travelers who are ready to spend a lot of time, effort and money on a trip, there are various communities that organize uncommon trips. For example, Pack and Back organizes real adventures like traveling by car from Moscow to African Kampala (and many other expeditions).Get all the vaccinations you need, get good health insurance, take a vacation and go on a trip that you will talk about for years.

Movie night for friends

Watching your favorite movie with your friends is a proven way to relax and cheer yourself up. You can start with the home option: rent or borrow a projector from someone you know, order a pizza and make a lot of popcorn (this is important). Another option is to rent a hall in one of the cinemas, for example, this service is offered by Fitil and the Cinema Park chain. Since events of this kind are closed and fall into the category of private viewing, you can independently choose your favorite films, bring them on an electronic medium and watch them with friends even all night long. Additionally, you can organize catering and photography, but it is better to ask about these options in advance - they are not available in all cinemas.

Little open air

An open-air party is not a bad idea even now, when the thermometer falls short of a serious plus. Decide on a place where you can get by convenient transport and where there are no residential buildings whose inhabitants you can disturb. Bring alcohol, hot tea in thermoses, food, lots of warm sweaters, thermal underwear and jackets. Pack tents, if the site does not have a permanent home, and foam mats. The main difficulty is the equipment, which is better to rent, so as not to listen to obscure tracks coming from the open door of the car. You just have to come to the place and arrange your own little personal rave, the main thing - do not forget to take out the trash later and generally remove all traces of the former fun. In winter, you can go out to barbecue, as in childhood. It is unlikely that you and the guests will be enough for more than a couple of hours (it's still chilly), so it's difficult to call it a full party, but you will surely have a great time, eat food cooked on a fire, and then you can warm up in the bathroom and continue the evening already at home environment.

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