Warm Salads: 5 Easy Recipes

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Warm Salads: 5 Easy Recipes
Warm Salads: 5 Easy Recipes

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Salad may well be a separate dish. - and especially warm. We've picked five perfect recipes for a full breakfast, lunch or dinner, or in case you want an unusual addition to your main course. We have no doubt that cold salads will be no less tasty, but they are unlikely to have time to cool down before disappearing from the table without a trace. All recipes are for two servings.

With green lentils and potatoes



1 cup green lentils

4 glasses of water

½ tsp dried thyme

1 small bay leaf

¼ h. L. salt

450 g small potatoes

1 tbsp. l. red wine vinegar

1 large clove of garlic

½ tsp onion powder

1 tbsp. l. dijon mustard

60 ml olive oil

2 tsp capers

1/2 small pickled cucumber

a small bunch of parsley


Rinse the lentils well and cook for 25-30 minutes over medium heat in salted water with thyme and bay leaves. Then drain the water, remove the bay leaf and place the lentils in a warm place.

While the lentils are cooking, boil the potatoes, drain and store in a warm place.

For the sauce, combine wine vinegar, minced garlic, onion powder (or a small crushed onion), mustard, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Stir well and add finely chopped capers (you can substitute olives) and cucumber.

In a large bowl, gently toss the coarsely chopped potatoes, lentils, and sauce. Serve the salad sprinkled with chopped fresh parsley.

With beans and bacon



2 ripe tomatoes

3 tbsp. l. wine vinegar

2 tsp honey

100g thinly sliced ​​bacon

3 tbsp. l. olive oil

350 g fresh green beans

½ cup grated Parmesan




Remove the seeds and pulp from the tomatoes and cut into about 2 cm pieces. In a small bowl, combine the honey and wine vinegar.

Fry the bacon in a deep skillet over medium heat until crisp and place on paper towels. Leave a little fat in the skillet if you like, but it's better to replace it with olive oil. Then add honey and wine vinegar. Increase heat and stir vigorously until it boils and becomes smooth.

Cook the beans in boiling salted water for five minutes, then drain and place in a large bowl with the tomatoes.

Pour the hot sauce over the beans and tomatoes, add the chopped fried bacon, grated cheese and mix well.

With salmon and zucchini



250 g salmon fillet on the skin in one piece

1 small zucchini

10 cherry tomatoes

green onion feathers

1/2 tbsp. l. balsamic vinegar

1 lemon

vegetable oil

olive oil

green lettuce leaves

a small bunch of dill

a few sprigs of basil




Without removing the fillet from the skin, make several shallow notches on it.

Combine the coarsely chopped dill and basil with the zest and juice of half a lemon, season with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Brush the salmon fillets with the mixture and leave for about 20 minutes.

Cut the zucchini into oblong slices without peeling. Bake until soft on foil for ten minutes, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Dry fish fillets with paper towels, bake on a greased wire rack, skin side down for about six minutes, then turn over and leave for another five to seven minutes, or until fish is cooked to your liking.

Place the fillets on a cutting board, carefully remove the skin and cut the fish into oblong pieces.

Cut cherry tomatoes in half, add chopped green onions and lettuce. Divide the salad into bowls and place the baked zucchini and salmon slices on top. Season with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and serve immediately.

With chicken breast and vegetables



1 small eggplant

250 g chicken fillet

1 onion

40 ml sunflower oil

1 carrot

1 sweet bell pepper

1 large tomato

ground black pepper



Cut the chicken fillet into thin strips and fry until tender and lightly golden brown.

Cut the onion into half rings and fry until golden brown.

Cut the eggplant, bell peppers, carrots into strips and fry all the vegetables in turn until tender.

Stir all ingredients, add salt and pepper to taste.

With wild rice and mushrooms



1/2 cup wild rice

1 1/4 cups chicken or vegetable stock

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

200 g mushrooms

450 g asparagus

small bunch of dill

green lettuce leaves

goat cheese to taste

olive oil

For the sauce:

120 ml balsamic vinegar

120 ml olive oil

1/2 tbsp. l. dijon mustard

1/2 tsp honey

2 cloves of garlic

1/8 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper


Cook the wild rice in the broth until tender - this will take about 50 minutes.

Heat the olive oil 20 minutes before the rice is ready and, stirring constantly, fry the finely chopped onion. Then add the chopped garlic and, after the aroma appears, put the coarsely chopped mushrooms in the pan. Fry for 10-15 minutes, until mushrooms are caramelized, then salt and pepper to taste.

While the mushrooms are fried, cut the asparagus, put in one layer on a baking sheet, pour with olive oil, salt, pepper and bake until soft in an oven preheated to 200 ° C for 10-15 minutes.

For the sauce, combine balsamic vinegar, olive oil, mustard, honey, garlic, salt and pepper.

Toss the rice, asparagus, sauce and chopped dill. Place rice and mushrooms on the lettuce leaves, crumble the goat cheese on top and serve immediately.

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