Season Color: Red On Eyes, Eyebrows And Lips

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Season Color: Red On Eyes, Eyebrows And Lips
Season Color: Red On Eyes, Eyebrows And Lips

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Text: Margarita Virova

Red has reigned in makeup since ancient times… At the same time, usually, when this color is spoken of as an immortal classic, they mean exclusively the shades on the lips. This season, talking about red is much more interesting than usual: the latest trend, for which one can largely thank the advertising campaign of Chanel with Kristen Stewart, is eye makeup in red shades. So, the classics received a new reading, and now they offer to use all the variety of red colors not only on the lips, but also anywhere on the face - it all depends on your preferences.

How it all started

The case when a new trend was born out of a love of experimentation. An abundance of red is a favorite of catwalk makeup artists. Luxurious combinations of red, pink and orange used NARS in makeup for the Fall 2011 Thakoon show. In 2014, make-up artists Rodarte showed eye makeup in red-brown shades, and at the same time bright red accents were seen on models Jean Paul Gaultier and Kristina T. In an amicable way, an arthouse version was at last year's London Fashion Week at AF Vandevorst: blue and red shadows chaotically "splashed" on the eyelids. Another spectacular, but rather rare technique - red arrows and other graphic accents on the eyes: they could be seen in the work of MAC for Max Mara.

In addition to the already mentioned Kristen Stewart, Zoe Kravitz, Gigi Hadid, Elle Fanning appeared in cool red. So, by 2016, we saw in front of catwalk models and celebrities, it seems, all possible shades - from muted, with pink and brown undertone, to intense wine. And yet, for today, the main color is pure, without half measures, red. For inspiration, we offer a fresh and very beautiful shot from Vogue Japan with several accents on the cheekbones, eyes and lips.

Why is it needed

Until recently, the road was closed to the red and his closest relatives - pink and wine - due to the effect of "tear-stained eyes". However, times have changed: on the one hand, the skills of the average user have advanced, on the other, the ideas about the functions of makeup. Today, make-up in red tones can hardly be called protest, defiant or inappropriate. In fact, shades of red are perfectly combined with any eye color, and due to the fact that they have been studied along and across, you can select combinations intuitively. In addition, red eye makeup completely destroys stereotypes about the indispensable sexuality and aggressiveness of this color. All of the above does not mean that the time has come to forget about red lipstick - it will remain with us even after the end of the world.

How to do it

All the variety of red shades can be found in the professional segment - MAC and Inglot to help. However, if you are not satisfied with the colors that go into brown or pink, then the role of shadows can easily be played by red blush, which are presented in the assortment of popular brands: NYX, NARS, Cargo Cosmetics, Sleek MakeUp. Those who want to join the history that is happening before our eyes should pay attention to the stars of the season: Armani Eccentrico mascara and shadows from the Chanel autumn collection. The latter, by the way, prepared several video tutorials on makeup for those who are somewhat lost before a new trend. In these instructions, red looks calm and natural to the eyes.

There is a suspicion that red and wine smokey eyes will be all over the place - so if looking for an alternative, turn to arrows, appliqués and custom eyebrows. For drawing arrows, you can adapt lipstick with a matte finish; lip pencils also behave great on the eyelids. As for the forms, everything is relevant here: the contours can be clear or blurred, the textures are the most unexpected. An excellent accompaniment to the red color will be bronze and gold, which also remain in the ranks of the main trends of the season.

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