Scientists Test Revolutionary HIV Treatment

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Scientists Test Revolutionary HIV Treatment
Scientists Test Revolutionary HIV Treatment

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The Telegraph announces a breakthrough in the development of a cure for HIV: a group of scientists from Oxford, Cambridge, University and King's colleges in London announced that the method of treatment they developed had performed well in the first tests. The researchers said that the 44-year-old man, who was the first to receive antiviral therapy, had levels of the virus in his blood so low that an HIV test was negative.

Today, HIV patients are prescribed antiretroviral therapy - drugs that control the activity of infected cells, but do not affect the "dormant" virus, that is, they cannot completely eliminate the disease. If a new method developed by British scientists is tested and allows all infected T-lymphocytes to get rid of the virus, HIV will become not only non-fatal, but completely curable disease.

Now experts are testing the method they have developed; it is too early to talk about its introduction into medical practice.

If you want to help people living with HIV, you can make a donation to the NGO "EVA": now the organization is raising funds for the project "Equal protects an equal", which helps HIV-infected people defend their rights and receive medical and social assistance.

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