New Comedy Series Invented By Women

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New Comedy Series Invented By Women
New Comedy Series Invented By Women

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The origin of the television comedy was the actress Lucille Ball with her "I love Lucy". Many modern comedians and screenwriters speak about the influence of this series on themselves, including one of the creators of "Monty Python" - John Cleese. Nevertheless, people are still amazed that today there is an incredibly talented Tina Fay, who at one time saved Saturday Night Live and created more than one popular series ("Studio 30", "Unyielding Kimmy Schmidt") that critics are delighted with " Crazy Ex-girlfriend "Rachel Bloom. Ilana Grazer and Abby Jacobson are filming a series about true friendship (Broad City), while Maria Bamford jokingly destigmatizes bipolar disorder (Lady Dynamite). It's time to stop being surprised and accept the fact that we are surrounded by many funny, unique and talented series that women have created. Here are five more new ones not to be missed.

Difficulties of assimilation

The fact that America is a big melting pot does not in any way rid people of stereotypes and generalizations. Many still do not disdain them: it is enough to see the color of the skin or the cut of a person's eyes, and a ready-made package of prejudices immediately pops up. Asian Americans are constantly confronted with the notion that they must know math but cannot drive or joke. “Difficulties of assimilation” tries to leave all these stereotypes in the past as much as possible. The series was invented by Nanatchkoy Khan, and among its writers there are many talented comedians. For example, Eli Wong, who recently had a great stand-up special on Netflix.

It's not the first time for Nanatchka Khan to be a showrunner - her debut was the sitcom Don't Believe Su *** from Apartment 23 with Kristen Ritter. The series told the story of the emergence of a friendship between two girls who were brought together by an exorbitant apartment rent in New York. For her next project, Khan chose the most common type of show - a story about one family with several children. The Huang couple and their offspring move from Washington, where they lived in the comfortable cocoon of the Asian community, to Florida to open a themed diner. The father of the family is chasing the American dream, while his wife is uncomfortable and does not want to lose touch with her origins. The story is told from the perspective of one of the sons (because of this and similar humor, the series is compared to "Everybody Hates Chris") and is based on the memoirs of the writer Eddie Huang.


Sharon Horgan began her career as a screenwriter and voice actress for the 38 Monkeys cartoon project. The animated series is known for its black humor and cruel jokes on taboo topics. Unsurprisingly, Horgan continued to destroy conventional attitudes, although she moved on to romantic comedies for which the prefix "anti" asks. In her first series, Pulling, the protagonist leaves the groom just before the wedding. Romantic comedies teach you to throw yourself headlong, but what if you don't have to? What if it won't be better than now? The series did not enjoy much success with viewers, but it was noted with many awards and two BAFTA nominations. After that, fate brought Shorgan with the American comedian Rob Delaney - together they created the series "Catastrophe". Not as dark as in Pulling, but still a subtle statement about relationships.

An American for work comes to England for a few days and meets a charming woman who is also not looking for a serious relationship. They slept, and now he flies back. This would be the end of a pleasant adventure, which can be remembered occasionally, if the heroine did not become pregnant.The series does not impose a particular point of view on a person about family planning, but very honestly talks about the difficulties and joys of living together. The fact that this is a joint project of British and American authors adds a special charm. The series has already been extended for two seasons at once. Divorce, another Horgan-directed show, now starring Sarah Jessica Parker, hits HBO on October 9th.


Fleabag is Phoebe Waller-Bridge's second attempt at a series. The first - "Concubines" (about the life of a kind of commune of young people who occupied an abandoned hospital building) - did not turn out to be a success and met with indifference of both critics and spectators. But the unique tragicomedy "Fleabag" manages to make you laugh and cry in two and a half hours (six episodes in total). It is very difficult to even roughly describe this series using analogies. Waller-Bridge's work is close to Joe Orton's plays in wit and capacity of dialogues, and her tragicomicism is closest to BoJack Horse.

The main character Fleabag ("rubbish") owns a cafe on the verge of ruin, treats her boyfriend terribly, which is why they constantly disperse, and barely maintains an already shaky relationship with her family. In the latter, rather, the fault of the terrible stepmother: imagine the villainess from Cinderella, only as a pretentious bohemian artist with a diploma in passive-aggressive verbal karate. At first glance, Fleabag looks like a terribly irresponsible person, but cheerful and charming. However, with each episode, the idea of ​​what is happening turns upside down, because in fact the heroine is trying to cope with depression and a terrible sense of guilt for the tragedy that happened. But the more she tries to fix what is happening, the deeper she gets stuck: the comedic façade disintegrates and only a torn core remains.

Chewing gum

Just like Fleabag at one time, Chewing Gum was first staged in the theater, and only then a television adaptation was created. The leading performer and scriptwriter is Mikaella Cole, a cheerful young girl who had a hard time at school because of her skin color. This, however, did not stop her from becoming a successful theatrical actress (she will also appear soon in the new season of Black Mirror) and not lose her infectious optimism.

The main character, Tracy Gordon, lives in an apartment building with a domineering mother and annoying sister and works as a saleswoman. Due to a very strict religious upbringing, she kept her virginity until the age of twenty-four, but decided that she had had enough. It's time to fight back, especially since she fell in love with a person, albeit with her own problems. In the days of American Pie's popularity, numerous attempts were made to create something similar for girls. Basically, there were awkward misunderstandings like "Girls on top", which at best went to the category of guilty pleasure. But now there is Bubble Gum, one of the best sex comedies for girls, where even dirty jokes don't seem disgusting.

Difficulties in parenting

Wolves is the abbreviation for the city of Wolverhampton, where sisters Caitlin and Caroline Moran, creator of the TV series Raised by Wolves, grew up. In the center of the story are also two sisters, who also have a bunch of relatives: three sisters and one brother. A single mother and grandfather are engaged in the upbringing of this crowd with varying degrees of success. They don't even go to school, preferring home education.

The series is often compared to "Shameless", but if there life in Chicago is shown in all its dullness, then Wolverhampton is full of colors. There is no place for soul-draining tragedies, but there is room for numerous jokes and references to pop culture. The main advantage of the series is the elaborate characters.Their differences are not indicated by a dash-and-dot line: Aretha is the most erudite of the girls and the only one aspiring to get into a real school, but Sheldon Cooper is not molded out of her, and the fact that she is a “nerd” is not the punchline. The adaptation rights have already been bought in the United States - the Oscar winner for the best screenplay Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer's Body) will handle it.

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