British Vogue To Release 'real Women' Issue

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British Vogue To Release 'real Women' Issue
British Vogue To Release 'real Women' Issue

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There will be no professional models in the November issue of British Vogue. Instead of them, “real women” of different ages starred for the publication - top managers of companies, public figures, researchers and actresses. The cover features Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt, and will also feature photographs of architecture historian Shumi Bowes, charitable organization manager Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Hello Love Studio art director Jane Hutchinson, and Vinaya technology company CEO Keith Answorth.

Magazine editor Alexandra Shulman told The Telegraph that women rarely appear in fashion magazines doing "serious work": it is believed that interest in fashion and attention to their appearance do not correspond to the status of a woman leader. “The desire to look good and experimentation with style is stigmatized - as if it is only suitable for women who work in entertainment, but not in politics and business,” said Shulman.

The editor of British Vogue is known for her atypical attitude to appearance for gloss: she does not publish materials about diets and plastic surgery, and in 2009 she accused designers and fashion houses of promoting unhealthy thinness, noting that the samples of clothes they send for filming are always very small sizes …

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