"Golden" Tablets For Cleaning Teeth Lush Bling

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"Golden" Tablets For Cleaning Teeth Lush Bling
"Golden" Tablets For Cleaning Teeth Lush Bling

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Vegan cosmetics makers Lush are masters of weird formulas: they have shower jelly, bar scrub, foaming macaroons for the bath, and solid body butter in the form of whatever. Another invention is Toothy Tabs. Lush has already had several successful attempts at introducing "dental pills" - in paper packages, in bulk, and in bottles, as it is now. The latest arrival of the foaming Toothy Tabs is golden in every sense: shiny bling! Pills, sprinkled with edible gold pollen, will clean your teeth and cheer you up on a cloudy morning with just one look. The shiny tablet can simply be bit through and polished with a brush over the resulting foam, or you can put it on a damp brush, as we do with regular toothpaste or powder.

The new dentifrice, like all Lush cosmetics, consists of only natural ingredients. Proven agents such as calcium phosphate and banal baking soda, as well as tartar used in baking bread and in light industry, are responsible for direct cleansing. The enzyme papain promises to give teeth a shine, and frankincense and Brazilian orange oils provide fresh breath. True, natural tablets have a rather light aroma compared to traditional pharmacy paste, so you will not get thermonuclear freshness. But thanks to almond oil, the cleansing will be mild. It is not clear for what purpose in Bling! Guarana has an invigorating effect, but the definite bonus is that you literally brush your teeth with gold. For aesthetes, Lush also offers the black "dental pills" Boom! charcoal-based, with anise and chili.

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