Hairdresser Ekaterina Konoreva On Hair Care And Cosmetics

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Hairdresser Ekaterina Konoreva On Hair Care And Cosmetics
Hairdresser Ekaterina Konoreva On Hair Care And Cosmetics

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Ekaterina Konoreva

top stylist at the Ryabchik hairdressing salon

Traveling helps me stay in balance


About leaving

Perhaps my system of facial and body care will seem very complicated and tedious to someone, but everything I do gives real results. I already have favorite products that I have been using for a long time - sometimes I buy something new, but it is always painful. In fact, all the procedures are pretty simple. The first is cleansing, then biologique Recherche P50 lotion, a unique product that removes dead cells and is similar to a mild acid peel, and a moisturizer to finish. I do it in the morning and in the evening, once a week - a mask.

With the body, everything is also simple: first peeling, then cream or coconut oil. Sometimes I take a bath with essential oils - it helps to relax, breathe calmly and get the softest skin in the end. At first glance, everything is very complicated with hair - this is probably a tribute to my hairdressing profession. I wash my hair every day: first with shampoo, then conditioner and always texturizing spray or primer. I do a mask once a week. I don't dye my hair, so sometimes I use a silver shampoo to neutralize the yellowness caused by the summer sun. And yes, I don’t make any egg or onion masks, and I don’t advise you.

About health, sleep and massage

First of all, a good sleep is very important - you need to go to bed not very late. When I sleep a little, I am absolutely broken in the morning, and this affects my mood, but I still work with people. Therefore, aromas play a very important role in my life. I prefer not to drink sleeping pills, but to breathe, for example, bergamot, it relieves stress and irritation - after it I fall asleep perfectly.

I also have a client - a real master of yoga and Thai massage, she does it with her knees and elbows. The effect is amazing! I fall asleep after 5 minutes, well, all the stress relieves instantly. She comes to me 1-2 times a week. Even in the fall, I try to drink vitamins, ginger tea in large quantities and echinacea. I would like to eat less in the evenings, but it's difficult. I am on my feet all day and I have absolutely no time for food, so I come home hungry. I have been trying to eat better lately and have chosen fresh vegetables over a sandwich. I would also like to start swimming, it has a beneficial effect on the health of a person who has been standing all day, but, alas, I still cannot find the time.

About makeup

With regard to makeup, everything is simple and complex at the same time. The basis of everything is beautiful and healthy skin plus well-groomed eyebrows, so my make-up is very simple. I apply a tonal fluid, accentuate the cheekbones and pay great attention to the eyebrows. I choose a neutral lipstick for every day, I can apply a small layer of mascara. I really love shades of red, so I often choose them when I go to any event. My wildest experiments are with lipstick.

All information about beauty comes to me from the people with whom I am surrounded - my colleagues from "Ryabchik", friends of makeup artists and stylists. Also, my cosmetologist enlightens me about new products. I know the most interesting things about hair from our suppliers of professional cosmetics. Clients often share useful information. Sometimes on trips I just go to a cosmetics store or pharmacy, study new brands or new items of my favorite brands, take a lot of them, and then try. Recently during my trip to New York, I discovered that MAC has matte lipsticks in atypical shades like white, black, sapphire, etc. Naturally, I bought them: in my experience, everything is useful for filming.

On the power of emotions

It's still time for me to start swimming in order to feel in good physical shape - I really love water. Traveling helps me stay in moral balance, even at short distances - and this is not necessarily a beach vacation. A change of scenery, new acquaintances are always fresh emotions that have a beneficial effect. I still cannot live without music: I am a great music lover and I am constantly in search, I adore the classics, the symphony orchestra and the Moscow Conservatory. It inspires me a lot! Good music plus travel is a double charge of positive energy.


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