Life Hack: How To Warm Up At Work In 2 Minutes

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Life Hack: How To Warm Up At Work In 2 Minutes
Life Hack: How To Warm Up At Work In 2 Minutes

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In a world of daily stress, fast food and a sedentary lifestyle there is nothing more valuable than wellness. How to quickly get in shape, cheer up and instantly feel better - our express instruction will tell you.

In theory, everyone has long learned that sport is life. Many of us dream of doing yoga every morning and dancing twerk every evening, but in fact, they personally extend their working day to 10-12 hours, do not break away from computers during lunch and, even after returning home from the office, reunite with a laptop, huddled at three destruction. The result is muscle spasms, pinched nerves, and spinal disease. Since we're sacrificing so much for our careers, it's worth sacrificing two minutes of precious time a couple of times a day for a simple quick workout. If it is uncomfortable to move your body in the middle of the open space, hide from colleagues in a less crowded place.


In a sitting position, smoothly turn your head to the sides, fixing it for a few seconds in a turned position. Yoga instructors consider this movement to be one of the most effective ways to relax the cervical spine.


Stand up, bend to the left and stretch to the side with your right hand, keeping it parallel to the floor; do the same with your left hand, bending to the right side. Stand up straight again, reach up with both hands.


Rotate your hips clockwise and then in the opposite direction. This exercise, which everyone has done at least once in their life in a variety of circumstances, will instantly relax the whole body. When rotating, lightly rest your palms on the lower back to avoid uncontrolled bending.


Sit down 10 times. In the correct sitting position, the front of the thigh is parallel to the floor, the knees do not extend beyond the toes. The arms can be extended forward or, bending, connected in front of the chest with each squat.


The fact that you got up from your desk is already a plus for blood circulation, and the exercises done are heroism at all. Now walk around the office a bit to stretch your legs. Instead of trying to solve all the pressing issues during a two-minute charge, we recommend breathing deeply and paying attention to the sensations in the body.

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