Instructions: How To Dye Your Hair In Bright And Pastel Shades

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Instructions: How To Dye Your Hair In Bright And Pastel Shades
Instructions: How To Dye Your Hair In Bright And Pastel Shades

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Many have thought at least once about dyeing their hair in an unusual color.… If in the past you did not dare, now is the time to return to these thoughts - coloring in non-standard colors is more popular than ever, and the variety of dyes allows you to choose a shade for every taste. Hairdresser-stylist Anastasia Ekimova explains step by step what you need to paint in neon yellow or pastel pink and not regret it.

Where to begin

In order not to regret what you have done and to avoid unpleasant surprises in the process, you need to think it over carefully. Have you decided on a color? And with the type of staining? Are you familiar with the process? Are you ready to lighten, care for your hair, maintain color and, in the end, pay a few thousand to become the owner of an unusual color? It is better to answer yourself these questions in advance in order to be ready for everything.


When choosing a color, focus mainly on your aesthetic preferences and feelings. The most important thing is not relevance and not compatibility with color types, but how it affects your mood. If green hair will delight you every day with its appearance, then it will suit you. If you feel beautiful with cotton candy hair, then you are on the way.

When choosing a color, consider its different shades: they can be either completely light, pastel, or bright, saturated and even neon. If you are thinking about pink, red, yellow, green, look at the warm and cool variations of these colors. Each of them will go differently with your appearance and skin. This can be done using applications in a smartphone, wigs, or together with a stylist, trying on multi-colored scarves - whatever is more convenient and fun for you.

By the way, if you like several colors, you do not have to choose one of them: you can make a multicolor coloring, in which they smoothly blend into each other, or opt for multi-colored strands. This option may look more interesting than a solid color, especially if you combine shades that are rarely combined: for example, a gray-yellow ombre looks very cool.

Dyeing type

It is always worth remembering that it is not necessary to color the entire length. If you do not like to correct the roots, have sensitive scalp, or in case of failure are ready to simply cut your hair, then choose the ombre and balayage techniques. It is usually advised that the chosen color is harmoniously combined with the original hair color: warm shades look good on hair with a golden or copper tint, and cold shades with cold blondes, light brown, chestnut and black - but this is not an axiom either. It is worth remembering that the classic ombre is not compatible with cold or very light pastel colors. Stretch is created by going through copper and gold colors to light yellow or white, while cold and pastel colors need a clean, almost white base. There is a way out: you can discolor your hair completely, and then dye the roots in the shade you need, gently stretching it to the desired one.

Plus, you can try changing a few strands (by the way, you can also increase them) and the underestimated "under-dye" technique, when the hair on the back of the head and sometimes on the temples is completely colored, so that the upper part of the hair remains intact. This option can imitate ombre, and it also looks great in tails, braids, buns and other everyday hairstyles.

Don't forget the possibility of braiding safe dreadlocks or afro-hairs using multi-colored synthetic materials: if you like these hairstyles, they can be a simple alternative to coloring.

Underwater rocks

Any coloring in a bright or pastel color begins with lightening, but even a high-quality and gentle one requires special care. Are you ready to spend money on special tools, make masks regularly and use an iron or curling iron less often (especially when lightening to almost white)? If you have long hair, and the highlighting is going to be radical, then would you mind cutting it?

You need to understand that any dye will be gradually washed off from bleached hair. The color washout speed depends on many factors - the product itself, the intensity of the shade and the frequency of shampooing. Light stains will fade most quickly: for example, light gray can wash off in a week. Sometimes the result can be surprising: for example, blue colors are washed off into green, some shades of purple - into pink, and gray washed away can give off green. Be prepared for frequent visits to the hairdresser (once every two weeks or a month) or for self-maintenance of color at home.

Money question

The cost of the desired hairstyle consists of several points. A bright non-standard color is obtained after lightening and staining with a special tool, it needs to be maintained and looked after - everything together comes out very costly. It is better to find out in advance the approximate prices for lightening, dyes and care in your city, add them up to decide if you are ready to spend that amount on hair. You can save money: for example, dyeing and dyeing bleached hair at home, in training centers, or choosing a technique that does not require monthly attention. Another option is short haircuts that are currently relevant: this will also help to reduce the cost of changing the color several times.


Competent, uniform and high-quality lightening is the basis for your future coloring. There is no need to be afraid of him: the days when it turned hair into straw are long gone. The main rule is not to try to carry out the procedure yourself. Even with the correct selection of the lightening agent and the percentage of oxide to it, discoloration at home threatens with unevenness and the appearance of undesirable shades along the length. There are a lot of nuances: the sequence of application, the temperature of the scalp, the presence of paint or already existing lightening on the hair, the level of tone depth, the condition of the hair, and a lot more. Even after a thorough study on the Internet and a conversation with a sales assistant in a store, few people will be able to take into account all the factors so as to competently discolor their hair. It is much safer not to experiment, but to turn to a professional.

It is best to choose a master who works with Olaplex products or its analogues. Its use will protect your hair, which is extremely important, especially if you need to lighten almost white. If this is not available to you, ask for the bleaching to be carried out several times on a low percentage of oxide. Be sure to ask your hairdresser how noticeably you need to lighten your hair to get a particular color, and also find out how much this will affect their condition. It happens that total clarification is simply contraindicated, or that it is almost impossible to achieve a very light, pure, almost yellow color. Sometimes this may require multiple visits.


When the ideal base for the desired color has been obtained, only the staining remains. Do not pull with this: after bleaching, the hair is "empty", it must be filled with pigment, ideally on the same day, otherwise it will be very weak and brittle. You can do it in a salon if you know that they work with such colors. If this is not possible, then it can be done at home. Basically, dyes of non-standard colors are semi-permanent: they do not mix with oxide, do not lighten the hair.

Antocyanin, Manic Panic and Directions are very popular in Russia.There are other dyes, comparable in quality and variety of palette: Stargazer, Overtone, Pravana. Also, despite numerous negative reviews, for some reason they continue to use Tonika. We strongly do not recommend buying it: dryness, uneven and unpredictable color after dyeing and after washing are not all the problems that you can get with a new hair color. One-ruble tint products tend to bite into the hair and, when trying to lighten, produce a completely unpredictable result.

If you have chosen a particular dye for yourself, but its palette does not contain the color you need, you can mix it yourself (you can find “recipes” of one shade or another on the Internet) or dilute it, make it less intense with a transparent one (it is labeled as "clear"). Some paints can be diluted with hair balm, but for this you need to first check the instructions.

The principle of use for all seven-permanent dyes is the same: you need to apply the product as accurately and evenly as possible, trying not to paint your entire bathroom. For convenience, divide your hair into four sections with two partings: from ear to ear through the crown and from the center of the forehead to the center of the lower part of the back of the head. Then use a comb to separate the strands by a centimeter and carefully apply paint on them, stretching it from top to bottom. For multi-color staining with transitions or stretch marks, it is better to contact a professional. Be sure to ask someone to help you to avoid unpainted areas on the back of your head. Use gloves. Soak the paint for as long as indicated in the instructions, you do not need to leave it for several hours. Then rinse your hair thoroughly and apply conditioner or a mask for colored hair.


In order for the new color to please the eye as long as possible, it is necessary to choose special care. Firstly, purchase a shampoo for colored hair, and secondly - a balm and mask that will moisturize and nourish without affecting the color fastness. It will be convenient to just buy a line of products for colored hair: the brands Schwarzkopf, L’oreal Professional, Londa, Redken, Tigi have excellent ones. Be sure to use the balm after each wash, and the mask 1-2 times a week. It is important to apply a leave-in treatment to the length and ends of your hair to help prevent breakage and excessive dryness. Kerastase, L’oreal Professional, Macadamia Oil, CHI have effective products. If you use oils and masks and are generally sensitive to your hair, but you still don't like the condition of their ends, it may be easier to trim them. Do not neglect regular grooming and your hair will look good even after bleaching, and the color will last as long as possible.

I'm tired of the color, what should I do?

The most reasonable solution in case you decide to change the color or get rid of it is to contact a professional. The master will help you remove pigment from the hair as carefully as possible, as well as competently paint them in a new color. If it so happens that the shade has completely washed off itself over time, you can paint yourself using the instructions above.

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