Who To Follow: Inventive Danish Chef Rene Redzepi

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Who To Follow: Inventive Danish Chef Rene Redzepi
Who To Follow: Inventive Danish Chef Rene Redzepi

Video: Who To Follow: Inventive Danish Chef Rene Redzepi

Video: Экскурсия по номе с шеф-поваром Рене Редзепи 2022, November

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Twelve years ago, the Danish Rene Redzepi founded the Noma restaurant, which used exclusively Scandinavian products, thus introducing the fashion for new Nordic cuisine. It can also be found in another Redzepi project in Copenhagen - restaurant 108. The key principles of Scandinavian cuisine are the use of local products and respect for nature. Here the scarcity of the Nordic menu turns into a plus thanks to bold experimentation. Chef Redzepi is an innovator and inventor: he transfers the originality of the Scandinavian nature to cooking, and he will certainly rethink the traditional methods of cooking and storing food. He even founded the food education nonprofit Mad - watch a video of their symposium on the kitchen of the future.

Redzepi's cuisine is far from vegan. The Dane is happy to cook all kinds of meat - from game to rare seafood - and among the publications on Instagram there is a video of roasting pork and photos of kitchen workers plucking bird carcasses. Nevertheless, Redzepi professes the principles of humane animal husbandry and is of keen interest among fellow chefs and amateur cooks. The chef is adept at handling less edible plants such as moss, foliage or tree bark, and on his Instagram documents the journey of natural ingredients from around the world to professional cuisine. In 2017, after the renovation of the Noma concept, the restaurant will have its own farm, as well as a school, a playground and even autonomous ecological sources of energy. In general, Rene Redzepi develops the cuisine of the future in word and deed.

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