Combo: Knitted Dress With Sneakers

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Combo: Knitted Dress With Sneakers
Combo: Knitted Dress With Sneakers

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Video: How to Wear Sneakers with Dresses and Skirts | by Erin Elizabeth 2022, November

IN THE NEW HEADING "Combo" we tell you how to combine things of different styles, models, textures and colors. She can easily get into fishnet tights, unusual shoes, a vinyl miniskirt or a huge fluffy sweater - in the most unexpected combinations. Our illustrations are not a call to purchase, but tips - after all, something similar can certainly be found in the closet. The new issue contains the most comfortable combination for the cold season: a knitted dress and sneakers.

A knitted dress is a timeless thing that is especially relevant in the cold season. If desired, it can be easily combined with wide trousers or, if the dress is relatively short, with maxi skirts. To create a layered look, you can also pair it with bomber jackets and liners. Today, warm dresses are encouraged by brands that advocate a course for a "new femininity". For example, Ryan Roche, which relies on a palette of powdery shades, or the Row, a brand that uses dense knitwear even in summer collections. How and with what to wear such dresses so that it is not too simple, you can spy on their lookbooks.

If you are looking for an option for every day, we advise you to choose sneakers as your shoes not very fashionable over the knee boots or ankle boots (although with them the image will last forever). It is a pair of sneakers that are the main footwear of our time, and together with a knitted dress they will create a non-trivial everyday look. The main thing is color and texture combinations. They can both rhyme and contradict each other - we are for both options.


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