Lawyer Maya Lavrova On Work And Favorite Cosmetics

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Lawyer Maya Lavrova On Work And Favorite Cosmetics
Lawyer Maya Lavrova On Work And Favorite Cosmetics

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Maya Lavrova

leading lawyer of an Internet travel agency

In court, you have no more than twenty minutes to impress


About interest in makeup and cosmetics

Like many girls, I started painting in high school. I only got a real interest in cosmetics five years ago, when I started to often visit Tsvetnoy, which was not far from my work and where on the first floor I was attracted by the beautiful Rive Gauche stands. I left big sums there, but I really consciously began to approach makeup after I got acquainted with the blog of the notorious Elena Krygina. I am very grateful to her for the fact that at some point she decided to tell free of charge not only how to make up, but also why other things look more advantageous in terms of the structure of the face. I believe that the main thing in makeup is this understanding, and not knowledge of brands or fashion trends. Then any new trend, be it eye makeup in red tones, colored arrows or strobing, will look great.

About makeup and profession

I have been working as a lawyer for over five years, including appearing in court. My experience proves that the saying “you are greeted according to your clothes, but seen off according to your mind” is especially true in my environment. As a practicing lawyer, you constantly prove your case to someone - it is a client, a counterparty or a judge. This task is much easier to solve if your appearance is favorable, especially when it comes to people who see you for the first time. Often in court, you have no more than twenty minutes to impress and force yourself to listen.

Unfortunately, stereotypes regarding gender and age are still strong in Russian society. I have often come across situations when they did not want to take my correct position seriously, because it came from a young girl. Therefore, as paradoxical as it may sound, for important meetings and trials, I do makeup that makes me visually older. Usually it is a bronze smoky, no blush and a dull lipstick of classic pinkish tones like Lustra MAC (which is probably why I almost ran out of it). Of course, just an image without a well-grounded position and competent speech will not help to win the trial, but this is one of the bricks, little things that make up the chances of winning. Make-up definitely affects the inner sense of self, helps to tune in a certain way, so I do not neglect this tool.

About the choice

It is surprising that with the seeming openness of the Russian market, only recently did good cosmetics become really affordable. When I started collecting my product collection about five years ago, MAC bestsellers like Vanilla pigment or Harmony contouring blush were always absent from Moscow corners - I bought them on trips. Naked palettes were then ordered by friends from the States along with the new iPhones. Now this is in the past, only the agony of endless choice remains.

About leaving

In terms of care, I do not reinvent the wheel and use the most common advice from cosmetologists, which, for reasons I do not understand, are neglected by many. Regularity is the most important thing in care-related matters. I have trained myself to certain rituals that I repeat from day to day, week after week. I think that it is thanks to this that, despite the inexorable passage of time, I practically do not show age-related changes.

I use a three-step skincare regimen, which I got used to thanks to the famous Clinique set, but I have been combining products of various brands on my own for a long time.I always have serum in my arsenal, I never apply eye cream before bed (so as not to wake up swollen) and I do not neglect acid peels in the autumn-winter period. Unfortunately, regular visits to the beautician have not yet become a habit.

When it comes to body care, this is a contrast shower, rubbing with a brush, and a moisturizer. I make shatush on my hair in the summer: although I myself am a blonde, I do not have enough brightness. Unfortunately, along with shine, the need for extra care is added as bleached hair becomes dry and brittle. Therefore, you cannot do without masks, conditioners, oils and serums for the ends of your hair.

Peace of mind

Of course, no care and makeup will hide the traces of nervous feelings and bad mood, so I, like everyone else, strive for harmony with myself - although it does not always work out. I cannot imagine my life without sports and have been attending various classes over the years. As a student, it was aerobics, in 2011 I discovered yoga, a great way to calm my mind. There were dancing, crossfit, ballet. Now I go to a regular gym, but I'm already thinking about kickboxing, which is popular among girls. Sport for me is more of a process than a pursuit of outstanding results, so I am not afraid to give up those areas that do not interest me, and start looking for new ones. At work, I often have to do things that I don't really want to do, so I prefer to exclude such situations in my personal life.

I pay a lot of attention to my nutrition. It has changed a lot over the past couple of years, thanks in large part to information gathered from the #SEKTA project. I learned to consciously approach the choice of what I eat, began to understand how certain foods affect the processes in the body. I strive to constantly receive new information and develop. It's nice to feel healthy and vigorous - I think this is one of the main components of feeling the joy of life.


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