Everything Is Possible: Equality In The World Of Eyebrows

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Everything Is Possible: Equality In The World Of Eyebrows
Everything Is Possible: Equality In The World Of Eyebrows

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IN THE LAST TEN YEARS, EYEBROWS HAVE BEEN COUNTED BY PUBLIC key detail of the face. Ideal eyebrows are the holy grail of the beauty industry, an object of controversy and a wide variety of theoretical calculations about what these two expressive arches above the eyes should and what should not. In the near future, the two canons of democratic fashion will not go anywhere: these are wide, dense and natural, with minimal signs of correction and neat (but still the same wide), well-traced and accented bends, to which Anastasia Suare taught her famous clients. However, not everyone was lucky to be born with spiky eyebrows, and a popular drawing option may simply not fit the image. We suggest considering other ways to correct and make up eyebrows - among them there will certainly be yours.

What can be done

This year, you can see more of a working than a decorative method adopted at fashion shows - bleaching or lightening the eyebrows. For makeup artists, light eyebrows are a matter of making it easier to work with regularly changing makeup. For people who often change their hair color or like eyebrow makeup with non-standard shades, this solution will also be very beneficial. Lightening eyebrows until they are completely lost on the face is an option for the most daring, but if by nature you got dark ones that create a very sharp contrast, highlighting even one tone can create the desired harmony. This softens the look and makes it possible to more freely handle the accents in the makeup.

The natural tendency is best interpreted literally - work with what is. In this sense, the situation was especially pleasant at last year's autumn-winter shows in New York: then the makeup artists of the leading brands left their eyebrows alone, as far as possible. It is not necessary to strive for width and density, if they are not peculiar to you by nature, but getting an ideal set of shadows, a liner or an eyebrow pencil is quite worth it. There are many makeup options: you can carefully fill in selected areas with color, or you can slightly emphasize the shape with a few strokes. In general, choose the most humane method yourself.

Another spectacular technique that, depending on execution, can fall into the category of "natural" tricks, and look like an edgy trick, is styling, in which the eyebrows are combed up, which makes them look thicker and wider. Bloggers use soap for this purpose ("soapy eyebrows" are at risk of becoming a separate trend), but you can get by with the usual means for strong fixation, if you are not that punk.

Third, and most importantly, draw on the eyebrows. In this case, you can use one color, applied according to the same canonical schemes, colored ink, glitter, metallic, applications. It goes not only for those with gum-colored hair, but for everyone in general. There are tons of ideas at your service that you can glean from the catwalk backstages and Instagram makeup artists.

How to do it

Of course, Anastasia Beverly Hills makes reference eyebrow products, but with the demand that has arisen in recent years, there are plenty of other offers. Complete sets and decent liquid textures can be found at Benefit, NYX has a wide range of colors (and still a gentle price tag), Bobbi Brown has the most adequate eyeshadow for blonde hair, and Estée has mascara with sufficient hold and a full range of natural shades. Lauder. As for purple and acid-yellow eyebrows, there is no need for specialized products, although they exist: for example, this is a Winky Lux palette. Remember that the color will not fall on a dark shade as it is shown on Tumblr, so it will not be superfluous to attend to the selection of a light base.

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