Who To Follow: Lazy Mom Instagram With Food Art

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Who To Follow: Lazy Mom Instagram With Food Art
Who To Follow: Lazy Mom Instagram With Food Art

Video: Who To Follow: Lazy Mom Instagram With Food Art

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"Do not play with food": someone obediently heeded this request of parents and educators in kindergarten, and someone simply postponed the games until the age when everything can be decided by themselves. Instagram @lazymomnyc is full of photos of food, but they are far from the hateful format of pastel postcards with croissants and lattes. Lazy Mom's creators, stylist Josie Keefe and artist Phyllis Ma, create intricate photo and video installations for which they slice pineapples, melt gummy bears, inject melons and shove pizza into a printer. Favorite objects - sausages and sausages, eggs, foods in gelatin, fruits and flowers. You may have seen vivid pictures by Keefe and Ma in publications like Toilet Paper, Time, and Mashable.

Some might say that products cannot be translated, but contemporary art often calls ethics into question. Within the framework of the LAZY MOM project, five colorful zines have been created, each of which asks for the library of artbooks, and many photo and video installations have already visited exhibitions. The girls are planning to continue playing with food, and after a while they will release a book of photographs. “We use familiar objects like fruits, eggs, dishes and money and combine them in a paradoxical way,” says Josie Keefe. "These carefully assembled sculptures create a kind of landscape of decay of everyday life, where the real and the artificial merge, giving birth to surrealism." You can delve into the conceptual side of the issue, or you can just enjoy the beautiful video in the Instagram feed.

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