IBM Supercomputer Helps Diagnose Rare Diseases

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IBM Supercomputer Helps Diagnose Rare Diseases
IBM Supercomputer Helps Diagnose Rare Diseases

Video: IBM Supercomputer Helps Diagnose Rare Diseases

Video: IBM’s Supercomputer Watson to Study Rare Diseases 2022, November

The BBC reports that at the end of 2016, IBM will begin cooperation with the Medical Center for Undefined and Rare Diseases at the University Hospital of Marburg: German doctors will have access to the artificial intelligence system Watson, which will help analyze the huge amount of medical files accumulated in the center.

Now the institution is seeing 6,000 patients who have not been able to make the correct diagnosis. “This figure is simply catastrophic. We need new ideas and new technologies,”commented the head of the center, Dr. Jurgen Schafer. According to him, the work of diagnosticians is often like looking for a needle in a haystack: physicians are physically unable to consider all the data they have and compare them, and sometimes only a grain of information is needed to make a correct diagnosis.

The Watson supercomputer should be a digital replacement for Dr. House: artificial intelligence will process huge amounts of information, comparing the medical history of a particular patient with millions of other medical files. The computer will produce a ranked list of suspected diagnoses that doctors will have to deal with. A preliminary test of the system on medical records of 500 patients who have already been diagnosed by doctors showed that Watson identifies diseases more accurately than all existing medical systems, and does it much faster than doctors.

Center patients will need to fill out very detailed questionnaires, which will include not only medical data, but also details of daily life - for example, the presence of pets. Doctors from the Center for Undefined and Rare Diseases told The New Scientist that for a long time they could not understand what was happening with one of the patients until they found out that he had an aquarium with water snails at home - from them the man contracted Katayama tropical fever.

IBM Watson rose to fame in 2011 when a supercomputer won the Jeopardy! (its Russian counterpart is the show "Own Game", in which Anatoly Wasserman participated).

This video explains how the IBM artificial intelligence system works:

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