Wow Brow: How To Make Cool Eyebrows

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Wow Brow: How To Make Cool Eyebrows
Wow Brow: How To Make Cool Eyebrows

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EYEBROWS ARE THE SAME FLEXIBLE AND SIGNIFICANT PART OF THE HUMAN FACE, like eyes and lips, which is also easily amenable to long-term correction. Experimenting with the shapes, you can noticeably change the proportions of the face in the desired direction. Many makeup artists are obsessed with eyebrows, so every season they invent or pick up new variations from the archives.

Unfortunately, in ordinary life, they experiment less than on the catwalks and in beauty shoots. The popular standard - wide, dark, yours - has already gone platinum, but believing in its saving versatility is simply boring today. Not everyone needs to change the shape of eyebrows according to the patterns adopted today, and popular tips from the Internet sometimes reach the point of absurdity. How not to recall the heap of comments to the video of Wayne Goss, in which the makeup artist said that the minimum distance between the eyebrows can visually narrow the nose: "Thank you, Mr. Goss, now I have a monobrow!"

The form

Avalanches of detailed instructions for the method, which was popularized by the creator of the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, you can easily find on the Internet. Anastasia Suare herself, when working with eyebrows, was guided by the revival standard of the ideal ratio of proportions, called the golden ratio. This made sense - visage, like any other fine art, is only happy with proportions and in this sense is very malleable.

You need to understand that a whole system works here: the location of the eyebrows is taken into account not only relative to the eyes and nose, but also relative to the height of the forehead, in accordance with the size of the face as a whole and taking into account the measurements of all other parts. Other characteristics are also important: first of all, for example, the roundness or sharpness of facial features. Only by taking into account the above will you really get your "ideal" revival form, and it is not a fact that you will like it. Reality, however, is making adjustments. Even the best eyebrow artist in town won't have that much time and energy for such an individual approach, so you shouldn't expect miracles. It is better to look for your ideal eyebrows intuitively, trusting personal taste and relying on some basic knowledge.

Contrary to popular misconception, thin eyebrows do not add age, we are just used to recognizing them as out of date. While in the 30s of the last century, everything that was thicker than a sewing thread was perceived as wildness. If you are trying to balance the features, then you can focus on the position of the eyebrows. Divide the length of the face into three parts and draw a horizontal line after the first - in theory, the eyebrows should be on it. If you believe in such a standard, then a moderate top and bottom correction will suffice for the “ideal”. The form can and should be discussed with the master, up to heated discussions over the photos of the examples you like. For those who, as the author of this text, are still trying to fix the chaos that a friend set up at a summer camp ten years ago in poor room light with the use of tongs made of questionable material, here's what you can do with eyebrows to achieve the desired curves.


You have to think about this in the salon, in the store, and in front of the mirror. The choice of shade depends on the desired result, and the color, as with the rest of the makeup, can be layered. There is a big difference in the final result not only between shades, but also between textures - pencils, gels, mascaras and shadows give different effects. “For a more subtle effect, use soft pencils and eyebrow shadows in combination with a special beveled brush. If you like brighter, more graphic brows, it is better to use hard pencils as well as eyebrow lipstick.If you have thick, unruly eyebrows, then styling gels and tinted mascaras would be an excellent solution,”says Ekaterina Savelyeva, owner of the Amelie Brow Bar salon.

After long-term staining, many are unhappy with the result, so it is worthwhile to devote a separate time to discussing the shade with the master. If you have a decorative product of the perfect color for you, show it to the master, and he will be able to find a similar one. Here it is, the use of good old swatch. If you want to achieve the most natural color, and not fuchsia or lemon, then you can use simple guidelines.

Irena Shimshilashvili, makeup artist and author of the "Vizazhidze Diary" telegram channel

says that most often the shade of the eyebrows is selected based on the tone of the hair, paying primarily attention to the roots. For a natural effect, eyebrows are dyed in a similar shade - darker (for fair-haired) or lighter (for dark-haired) by one or two tones. Warm colors are matched with brown shades, cold ones - gray or completely dark. Irena believes that the main thing in choosing the color and shape of the eyebrows is the character of their owner: “The brighter the eyebrows, the brighter the 'facial expression'. To all those who do not want to draw attention to themselves, I always recommend translucent eyebrows - they are more comfortable."

Even making a choice in favor of the classic eyebrow design, do not forget that there are many options and it is not necessary to clearly measure the correctness of each shade along the color wheel. It's a good idea to have a few tools of different textures and shades in stock, learn how to mix them and not be afraid to reinvent the wheel. By trial, you will find a solution for yourself that will not be worse than those offered by the queens of the tutorials.

Coloring and building

There are an incredible number of techniques out there today, so it's worth considering all the options with their merits and demerits. Ekaterina Savelyeva says that staining and classical correction with tweezers or oriental thread is not the limit. You can also do lamination for unruly brows or extend them when you want to add thickness and color. Unlike a similar procedure on the scalp, lamination does not harm the stiffer eyebrows and gives the effect as if they were laid with a gel. The build-up, made with the help of a special glue, has its own nuances: it is suitable primarily for those whose hairs grow unevenly and have a down layer. It is on this gun, Ekaterina Savelyeva explains, that the hair extensions will last up to two weeks. If you stick them on bare skin, the result will be less lasting.

One of the most requested treatments in brow bars is henna staining. Tint is the case when you can easily trust a private master on the recommendation or even learn how to do it yourself. Henna lays down not only on the hairs, but also on the skin, so you can use it to paint the desired shape. It can last from five days to two weeks - it all depends on the type of skin, care and health characteristics. It is important to remember that the paint can cause an allergic reaction, so a test should be done before the procedure.

If you are lucky and the allergy has not affected you, then henna staining is a convenient solution. As in the case of hair on the head, after henna, you will have to give up chemical hair dyes. Further, the main problem will be only durability - sometimes the paint leaves the skin earlier than the declared five days, which, at a solid price of the procedure, is very offensive. To keep the color longer, you can, for example, use oils: “Coloring will last longer if you try to touch your eyebrows less and avoid direct contact with water. It is best to lubricate them with any cosmetic oil before washing.To stimulate hair growth, nourish them and moisturize them, almond, peach, and rather rare, but very effective usma oils are excellent,”says Ekaterina Savelyeva.


You should not be afraid of tattooing in its modern form: in recent years, the technique has improved significantly, the pigments have become of better quality and come off more evenly. There are several techniques, so it is best to make the choice in conjunction with an experienced master. The most popular option today is microblading, a manual technique for superficial pigment injection. For her, the master painstakingly draws imitation of hairs where they are lacking, corrects asymmetry and fills the eyebrows with color.

In addition to microblading, which has become more or less a habit, there is, for example, the Slide & Tap technique. When performing it, the required space is delicately filled with a dull pigment in the borders of the eyebrows. This gives more definition, but does not make them completely stencil. Ekaterina Savelyeva talks about two more new techniques: “For example, there is a 6D eyebrow reconstruction - a manual eyebrow tattooing technique that allows you to achieve the most realistic effect by creating the thinnest stripes. There is also HD Line Brows hair microblading technique. It combines the drawing of hairs of different thicknesses and shades of different color intensity. " It is important to remember that eyebrow tattooing requires at least ten days of careful care, just like any tattoo, but the result will last for about a year. The main advice is - take your time and find an experienced, certified master, whose ideas about beauty match yours, so that you can wear permanent makeup with pleasure, and not in a panic look for how to remove the pigment as soon as possible.

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