Question To An Expert: How To Choose The Best Type Of Hair Removal

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Question To An Expert: How To Choose The Best Type Of Hair Removal
Question To An Expert: How To Choose The Best Type Of Hair Removal

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Today, more than ever, there is every opportunity to decide whether you want to leave your legs and armpits in their original form, or whether it is more comfortable for you to remove body hair. There are a lot of ways, from everyday razors and depilation (this is how wax or sugar is called, and not epilation), to procedures with a long-term effect. True, the latter will certainly steal something of your important resources: either money, or time, or both. Finding the right option should be based not only on the capabilities of your budget, but also on the capabilities of your body - otherwise there is a risk of finding out what wasted is literally on your own skin. Fortunately, the lists of contraindications to modern procedures are not that long.

Usually, the salons offer laser, photo and electrolysis. Electrolysis, in which a needle is inserted into the hair follicle to deliver an electrical discharge, is relatively inexpensive, but time-consuming and painful. Photoepilation is much faster than electro-hair removal, and has fewer contraindications than laser, but it is performed only with sufficient contrast between hair color and skin color.

Most of the problems are with laser hair removal, which today remains the most optimal method. Three types of lasers are used on modern devices: neodymium, alexandrite and diode. The effectiveness of the application depends on the length of the light wave - the deeper the wave penetrates, the wider the possibilities of using the laser - and the skin phototype. Neodymium and diode lasers can also be used on tanned and dark skin due to their sufficient power. Cosmetologist-dermatologist Irina Ivanova tells about what other features of popular procedures you need to be prepared for in the first place.

Irina Ivanova

There is a difference between depilation and epilation. Epilation is hair removal that destroys the hair follicle. That is, hair removal is permanent or permanent. There are no ways that suit everyone. Then there would be no other methods, there would be one - ideal.

The most popular types of light hair removal are photo, ELOS, laser. They are practically safe, non-traumatic and comfortable. The latest development of our Israeli colleagues is “cold” laser hair removal. It is practically painless, easily tolerated by patients, and the safest in terms of burns. However, all of these methods have one common and significant disadvantage. They do not remove red, blonde or gray hair. For light hair removal to be effective, the hair must be darker than the skin. By the way, it makes no sense to paint them: it is necessary that the dark, that is, containing a lot of melanin, be the intradermal part, and not the outer one. Black hair is ideally removed from white skin. Also, all light methods of hair removal are successfully used for hirsutism.

Red-haired and natural blondes remain either depilation (wax, shugaring and other short-term methods) or electrolysis. Its plus is that hair color does not matter at all for a high-quality procedure. The downside is its trauma, because the hair follicle is destroyed by electricity - this is already a controlled burn. In addition, scars may remain from it, which in itself is a serious contraindication.

It is also worth noting that all hardware methods of hair removal refer to physiotherapeutic effects: these are medical procedures. Consequently, there are contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, oncology, neoplasms in the treatment area, skin diseases, some somatic diseases.Be sure to tell your doctor about your health condition, about medications, dietary supplements and vitamins that you are taking or have recently taken.

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