Journalist Nastya Poletaeva On Self-esteem And Favorite Cosmetics

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Journalist Nastya Poletaeva On Self-esteem And Favorite Cosmetics
Journalist Nastya Poletaeva On Self-esteem And Favorite Cosmetics

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Nastya Poletaeva


I really liked my job - and

somehow imperceptibly I started to like myself too


About self-esteem

The world of the first 18 years of my life did not imply that makeup was for anything other than improving myself. I was born in Togliatti, a small town with many ballet schools and sports clubs. People there do not give themselves a descent. When I came to visit my mother this summer, it seemed to me that I was in California: on the city beach there were completely pumped up bellies, elastic priests and embossed legs. In general, the environment there has always implied the pursuit of physical perfection. I also aspired: for 12 years I studied ballet quite seriously, additionally went to the gym and existed surrounded by girls with flawless bodies.

This I mean that for the first 18 or even 20 years, everything annoyed me in appearance: from hips and curly hair to the shape of the nose and skin color. Starting in the tenth grade of school, I got by with a Spartan set: a nuclear foundation, an eyebrow pencil, black eyeliner (thicker) and black mascara. Not because I understood myself so well and found "my" means. It just seemed to me that I was acting according to the principle of “do no harm” - I did not aggravate what nature was giving me. Then I entered the university and moved to Moscow, but this did not change the state of affairs much. I still persisted in drawing a sexy look, wearing very tight clothes and suffering from complexes.

In my first year, I managed to fall in love - very unfortunate. That person was a real abuser, but it's hard to understand when you're 19. So I lived for several years, drawing thinner eyebrows and buying increasingly uncomfortable bras. It seemed to me that this way I would stop hearing "Never paint your lips anymore - it doesn't suit you" or "Who do you look like in this dress?" At the same time, I started having terrible skin problems, and I am still sure that the convulsions of my self-esteem are to blame. Maybe in a different context, heels and T-shirts with a large neckline make you feel better, but for some reason I did the opposite.

And in the winter of 2013, I ended up in Paris for work. I ran through interviews and exhibitions, slept little and in the end I was already poorly aware. Just on one of the last days, the photographer and I were not allowed to an important event - we were late for a few minutes. So I went to the nearest McDonalds for cola, which I always wash down with grief. I sit, drink, and then from somewhere on the side: "Pardon?" I turn around, and there, excuse me, is the most handsome man I have ever seen in 3D. Our conversation with him did not lead to an exciting romantic adventure, but it lifted my spirits. Right from the cafe, I went to MAC across the street and suddenly bought myself my first lipstick in my life. Burgundy, almost black, glossy - I stood in the store in thought for about an hour, but still took it. And after that I was released. At first, I was really scared to go out with burgundy lips: it seemed that everyone would poke their fingers and grin. But no, the sky did not collapse. But after a couple of months of intense lip makeup, I began to spit on the imperfect symmetry of the face, on puffy cheeks and on whether I looked sexy enough.

About makeup

This is not a story about terrible Togliatti and fabulous Paris. It's just that at the time of that trip, I got rid of the painful relationship, started making money and traveling, I really liked my job - and somehow imperceptibly I started to like myself too. The passion of the discoverer woke up in me: I began to buy lipsticks - dark and neon-bright to black. At the same time, I completed the treatment of the skin and suddenly realized that I adore sequins.They appeared on my face a little bit: first in the inner corners of the eyes, then on the eyelids, then on the eyelashes. Matte lipsticks and glitter are the mainstay of my daily makeup now. But, if it occurs to me that it would be cool to stick gold stickers over my eyebrows, I will stick it: I will definitely not be bored with them.

The work influenced my attitude towards myself and makeup not only indirectly. In 2014, I got a job at Vogue, and for the entire year and a half that I worked there, an ocean of cosmetics stretched in front of me. It's one thing when you go into a store - there are annoying consultants, everything is terribly expensive and incomprehensible. And it is completely different when mountains of tubes lie in front of you: take it, try it. If it hadn't been for work, it wouldn't even have occurred to me that the eyeliner could be pink, the mascara silver, and the highlighter - that a highlighter is needed at all! Plus, there was a great team on the site - no one did round eyes when I literally came with a star in my forehead. An environment in which you don't have to think about “what people will say” is important.

About the skin

As I said, I had very serious skin problems. I have been treating her for about two years, and although everything is in order now, I am always on the alert. Therefore, my care is rather boring and the same: I use Holy Land cleansing tonics and masks (the cosmetologist prescribed them for a long time), I wash my face with a special terry mitten Jane Iredale, which magically removes even waterproof mascara. My skin is dry, dry, so at night I apply "Panthenol" - a greasy, sticky pharmacy ointment, which is used for sunburn. I am not allergic to it, it moisturizes perfectly and is completely absorbed by the morning. Highly recommend, especially in winter.

About leaving

I don't go to bed with makeup. This habit has been worked out to automatism, and now, no matter what the party turns into in the morning, I always fall asleep with clean skin. I also stopped squeezing and generally touching pimples - completely, because otherwise an atomic war flares up in a matter of hours. I refused to use foundation, because with them (and I have tried dozens of different ones), my inflammations appear much more often and last longer. From the general tonic: every morning I drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach - honestly, I just feel thirsty. I also take oral contraceptives - they were prescribed to me by the gynecologist when I was treating my skin. In my case, the cosmetic effect was magical.

About hair

I have curls, and this is not easy: they are prone to dryness, they just start to break and climb, so I chose care for a long time. In the end, I settled on Davines. They have a great Love line for curly hair and very cool styling to keep them from frizzing. Once every two washes I apply Wella oil as a mask for the night, but it perfectly replaces the usual coconut oil (I suspect any other too). I love ready-made masks too. I try not to use a hair dryer and have spent on drink several courses of "Pantovigara" - these are vitamins for hair and nails, a great thing. In general, I moisturize my hair in every possible way and shore. But if you drop me off on a desert island with baby shampoo and a bottle of oil, then I won't be lost.

About perfume

When it comes to fragrances, I'm polygamous but loyal. Of course, smells firmly adhere to certain periods of our life, with specific people and events that we don’t want to experience over and over again. And yet I cannot stop loving a scent if one day I liked it. No matter how many bottles are in my closet, they all become a very personal experience over time. And I do not want to part with my own memories at all, even if it causes belated discomfort. The smells themselves gradually begin to be perceived differently, they are not boring. I like to think that my favorite fragrances are like my favorite books - intimidating in scale, with endless levels of meaning, without a romantic haze. As a result, almost all the aromas that ended up in my closet are very heavy and give off a gloomy antiquity.


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