Mother Of Many Children Spoke About Her Late Abortion

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Mother Of Many Children Spoke About Her Late Abortion
Mother Of Many Children Spoke About Her Late Abortion

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American Alison Draper published a Facebook post in which she told how she had an abortion at a later date. Draper's courageous move was prompted by recent statements from Donald Trump, who spoke negatively about late termination of pregnancy and said that if Clinton becomes president, children will be allowed to "rip" out of the womb.

“I had to have an abortion late, and it was the worst moment of my life,” Draper wrote. “It was also terrible because such operations are prohibited in the state of Utah. One of the twins in my womb was dead, the other had a spina bifida, and he could only survive a few days after giving birth in great pain. " Draper said that the ethics committee at the clinic where she was observed allowed the operation, since the dead fetus posed a danger to her health. Even the priest supported the woman's difficult decision to have an abortion, reminding Draper and her husband that they have six children who need a living mother.

At the same time, the author of the post emphasizes that the abortion procedure was as humane as possible in such a difficult situation, and no one "tore" the fetus apart, as Trump said. Draper had a caesarean section, the twins were removed without disturbing the amniotic sacs surrounding them, the one with spina bifida died almost immediately.

The woman stressed that the decision to have a late abortion is a very difficult and traumatic experience for a pregnant woman, her entire family and doctors, and the state should not interfere in this decision in any way. At the end of her message, Draper urged Americans "not to vote for a candidate or for a party who want to make decisions for women, condemning them to death or forcing them to carry unviable embryos."

At the time of publication of this news, Draper's post was reposted by more than 100 thousand people, 12 thousand comments appeared under the original post. Most users thank the author for the honest story and express their condolences.

In Russia and around the world (at least in those countries where abortion operations are legal), abortion in late pregnancy is carried out only in a hospital and can be recommended by a doctor for serious mental or physical pathologies that are observed in the expectant mother or child. The final decision on abortion is made by the mother, but in an emergency, an abortion can be carried out without the woman's consent.

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