Who To Subscribe To: India's First Professional Surfer

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Who To Subscribe To: India's First Professional Surfer
Who To Subscribe To: India's First Professional Surfer

Video: Who To Subscribe To: India's First Professional Surfer

Video: Meet Ishita Malaviya, India’s first woman surfer | Her Game 2022, November

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Surfing has finally become a mainstream sport: children with might and main conquer the waves, starting from preschool age, and businessmen and retirees go on surfing tours in Bali and Portugal - but in any business there is always room for discovery. One of them was made by Ishita Malawia, becoming the first surfer to represent India internationally and to promote the surfing culture in her homeland. Her fascination with boards and waves began in 2007 after meeting an exchange student from Germany. In the same year, together with her boyfriend Tushar Patiyan, Ishita created the Shaka Surf Club for people of all ages in Southwest India. Surfing is not common among Indians, although the country's climate is quite suitable for this.

Ishita Malavia participates in international surfing competitions, charity events and social projects, and recently established an annual surfing camp as part of the Shaka surf club. On the girl's instagram, there are no glossy selfies, green smoothies and intrusive ads - there is mainly the ocean, Ishita herself on the crest of a wave, travels in India and the fun everyday life of a surfer club. The lack of the usual self-promotion does not hinder popularity: in 2014, Ishita became the ambassador of the brand of clothing for surfers Roxy, a leader in its segment, and to this day remains the only Indian in this post. Malawia is sometimes filmed for lookbooks, happily gives interviews and says that she is doing this not so much for herself as to popularize her native India with its beautiful coasts among surf fans around the world.

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