Combo: Down Jacket With Dress

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Combo: Down Jacket With Dress
Combo: Down Jacket With Dress

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IN THE RUBRIC "COMBO" we tell you how to combine things of different styles, models, textures and colors. She can easily get into fishnet tights, unusual shoes, a vinyl miniskirt or a huge fluffy sweater - in the most unexpected combinations. Our illustrations are not a call to purchase, but hints: after all, something similar can certainly be found in the closet. In the new issue - a combination of a down jacket and a dress.

You can hardly think of a more comfortable and warm outerwear than a down jacket. Today the well-established stereotype that this is an exclusively utilitarian and sporting thing is gradually disappearing. Designers advise wearing it with everything: with pipe trousers, and with shorts, and even with a classic suit.

Winter is not a reason to deny yourself dresses and short skirts. There are no strict rules for wearing a down jacket with a dress. If desired, a short jacket can be combined even with a very thin, translucent dress or midi skirt, but then it is better that all other clothes correspond to the season as much as possible: a long scarf, rough boots and tight tights. It is easy to notice the trend towards hyper-size here - now the most fashionable options are more like quilts. You can really wear these with anything. Buttoning it up, you still seem to find yourself in a safe cocoon, under which only your shoes are visible.

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