Business As Usual: Men About Self-care And Proven Products

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Business As Usual: Men About Self-care And Proven Products
Business As Usual: Men About Self-care And Proven Products

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TODAY SPECIAL COSMETIC RANGE, designed for men's skin, every major brand has, and the culture of personal care has long been considered a woman's prerogative. Jokes about the fact that a man can get by with one bar of soap is long overdue: we asked six people about what their daily care looks like.


Gennady Mutasov

It seems to me that self-care is a normal, natural human need: to perform some kind of regular action to keep yourself in shape. My main problem is dry skin due to air-conditioned rooms, coffee, urban ecology. I use any moisturizer for my face, whatever they give me, I do masks two or three times a week. Malin + Goetz has a miraculous: it cleanses the skin, saturates it with moisture and oxygen. I bring fabric face masks from Hong Kong and Thailand, they are available in any of our pharmacies. I also use coconut oil or a mixture of coconut and olive: they perfectly moisturize and keep the skin toned. I always take aquamaris-type seawater for the nose on the plane and ask the guides for a large bottle of water for the entire flight. I don’t forget about eye drops - they are very good on sale in Japan, I buy them when I’m in Tokyo. In general, I try to drink more water and less coffee and alcohol, do not smoke: all this affects the condition of the skin.

Nikita Medvedev

For several years now I have been fond of skin care: during this time I have developed a scheme that I try to adhere to. I don't often try new products, I trust old and proven products more. For cleansing - Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser. I do not use scrubs - they are too traumatic for the skin. For moisturizing, I choose a cream depending on the mood and condition of the face in the morning. This can be Dermedic Hydrain 3 Hialuro or Clarins Fluide Hydratant Matifiant. I also use Caudalie Vinosource L'Eau de Raisin Bio Facial Mist. Masks once or twice a week: Shiseido Ibuki restorative night mask and Clarins Extra-Firming Mask. When it comes to sun protection, my favorite is Clinique Face Cream SPF 30. Always have a pack of matting wipes and balm on hand: Lush Rose Lollipop saves lifeless lips in minutes.

It seems to me that a well-groomed face is as important as neat clothes or clean shoes. I cannot understand why many men in Russia consider taking care of themselves reprehensible. I spent the last six months in Finland, studying under an international exchange program. In Northern Europe, they look after themselves: perhaps Sweden is in the lead here, followed by Norway and Denmark. Finland lags a little behind, but here too many people use cosmetics: the most popular, of course, are moisturizers. In general, I travel a lot, and almost nowhere do men complex on this topic. In Seoul, for example, there are sometimes more men than women in cosmetics stores.


Ross Mahon

My basic care products are moisturizer, toner, lip and eye creams. Everything is of the La Mer brand. Plus Aesop shampoo and shower gel. When one of these ends, I just buy the same, so I try to always take the largest volume. Regular procedures include massage (but not relaxing, but sports), spa treatments for hands and feet: manicure, pedicure, scrubs.

In general, I understand, of course, that the vast majority of men do not bother as much as I do. But it seems to me that if you are going to spend £ 100 on jeans or a sweater, but you have bad skin, then this is simply pointless. In my opinion, you just need to accustom yourself to regularity: it's like brushing your teeth. My friends have different attitudes towards this: some understand the importance of leaving, some do not.

I read about cosmetics in men's magazines, but mostly trial and error works when choosing. Of course, with age, I can afford more expensive and higher quality products, and when I find my own, I just stick to it.


My daily care looks like this: I wake up - I go to the shower, my head. I dry my hair immediately, it curls, so after washing I need styling. I apply a matting paste to the hair, gel-cream to the face. I smear the cream on my hands and elbows, otherwise they dry out. In the evening I shower without washing my hair, I wash my face with a cleansing gel scrub, and apply a cream. Now I use Nivea, but in the near future I want to switch to men's cosmetics. While I started with trial shampoos, I bought a small American Crew. In addition, every week I go to the hammam, at least once a month for a massage with a scrub (not sports, but some kind of Thai), once every two months, facial cleansing with a massage, if I can find time for this.

If you look through magazines or even watch TV, you can see that successful people all over the world look very well-groomed and take care of themselves: they go to the gym, use cosmetics. Firstly, it attracts others, and secondly, you start to feel good, you yourself are pleased. Of course, there are men who believe that they should be "brutal" and do not need any care, but this approach is not clear to me.


Alexey Gorodnev

For the first time, it seems, I took advantage of professional care when I was 20 - then it was more entertainment, a way to usefully take time. The location was more than appropriate - the Clarins Spa at the Astoria Hotel. Then a lot changed, but all this time Astoria remained the center of gravity for me. Now the French house Carita is located there - one of the best establishments in St. Petersburg for face and body treatments. Recently, I have become addicted to going to a barbershop for a dangerous shave - it is very convenient.

As for home care, here I am very lazy, I usually forget about all the means. Therefore, I always choose something super neutral and easy to use. For many years he used the Australian brand Aesop, and now, with the arrival of the Cosmotheca chain of stores in St. Petersburg, he has become a fan of two brands: Cosmetics 27 and Verso - they are brilliant, and the result, as they say, is obvious.

Konstantin Osintsev

For a long time, cosmetics were completely unimportant to me. I remember the times when a bar of olive soap was my one and only universal remedy. Like many men, I saw a variety of cosmetics on the shelf in front of my girlfriend's mirror - she does it professionally. At home, some new jars and bottles constantly appeared. Over time, I got used to them and began to use them.

And then we launched our own cosmetics brand, and I had to thoroughly deal with the issues of care. I got the main information from serious professional and scientific sources, thanks to which I formulated simple rules. Hair products should just be of the right type; moisturizing and UV protection are important for the skin; for care it is worth using only cosmeceuticals.

Now I prefer my brand, I use almost the entire line. Shampoo - of course, conditioner - a must, hair does not lie well without it. I use a cleanser and also a hand cream - it is non-greasy and absorbs well, so it even works on the face. For styling I use matte clay of any brand - this is my whole set.

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