Weekend Yoga: 5 Easy Workouts For Sunday Morning

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Weekend Yoga: 5 Easy Workouts For Sunday Morning
Weekend Yoga: 5 Easy Workouts For Sunday Morning

Video: Weekend Yoga: 5 Easy Workouts For Sunday Morning

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Yoga - What you need for a leisurely Sunday awakening. Despite the belief that evening is the best time for physical activity, we know that morning workouts have their advantages. First, it is always nice to start the day with something useful, and devote the rest of the time to the "Fall." Secondly, morning exercises stimulate the cardiovascular system, which feels like a surge of energy. These and other benefits can be seen simply by trying one of these workouts.

Adrienne Mischler is one of the most popular yoga instructors on YouTube. In her video, Adrien offers a 40-minute set of simple poses that even beginners can easily do. Exercise will help you find balance in your body, relieve stress, and tune in to a productive mood.

"Morning yoga is better than the gym," says smiling Tim from California. You turn on the video, look at the coach - and you believe. This set of exercises will allow you to focus on stretching, strength and balance without ultra-hard exercises.

The Partner Yoga Challenge was once popular among YouTube bloggers: people far from yoga practiced pair classes. While it sounds like a sugary dream of a "perfect relationship," it can actually be fun, so you can make up for a planned burger out on a bouncy morning.

Jessamine Stanley, whose Instagram we have already recommended, continues to break stereotypes. This workout will be appreciated by everyone: thin and large, beginners and pros. Start your morning with Jessamine - and you will understand that your (and in general any) body is made for yoga.

This workout is for those who have not found the strength to get out of bed (and we understand you). The first exercise is done with your eyes closed - what else is needed?

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