At Your Fingertips: Variety Of Textures In Nail Art

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At Your Fingertips: Variety Of Textures In Nail Art
At Your Fingertips: Variety Of Textures In Nail Art

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Nail art is actively rethought today.: manicure has ceased to be perceived as a means of bringing nails to a state of "well-groomed". Today they can be not only an additional part of the image, but also a real accessory. Fascinated by decorating this part of the body, they experiment not only with colors and shapes, but also textures and materials: for example, the last week brought us the idea of ​​planting real succulents on our fingertips. This is far from the limit - in recent years, Pinterest and Instagram have presented us with thousands of custom manicure options.



How it all started

Nail art as another way of self-expression and a type of manicure was gaining popularity in the 2010s. Then on the countless pages of the tumblr one could find not only landscapes drawn by virtuosos, but also examples of quite viable and effective manicure. Stamping and appliqués were in use - quite ordinary techniques, best of all for professionals. In the salons, however, nail art was understood narrowly: an indispensable item on the program was pretentious long acrylic nails, dotted with acrylic flowers.

Meanwhile, from the general interest in effective minimalism, a fashion for a variety of textures was born, which immediately took root on the catwalk. Metallic was spotted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week back in 2010. To this day, silver, gold and bronze nails are actively appearing in many shows - they look like a jewelry accessory and are appropriate in any situation. Since then, the manicure thought has gone far and a lot of interesting experiments have appeared. Frankly Instagram trends were also noticed - nail art with fur from last year's Libertine show haunts many, although it has been beaten more than once. We were offered to indulge in a velvet finish, which is created with the help of flock (small particles of wool, cotton and other fabrics), back in 2012. In general, the reproduction of natural or synthetic textures is the main course of recent years: craftsmen imitate glass, marble, experiment with immoderate glitter and holographic effect in a variety of ways. Succulents, of course, are from the same company, although we do not exclude that this is a teasing of fashion for everything natural.

Why is it needed

First, it's beautiful. Secondly, it's great to realize that nail art is not only a process of painstaking drawing lines with a thin brush: tools and tools are becoming more and more comfortable to use, and many interesting ideas can be easily reproduced at home. A bright manicure, as already noted, is a self-sufficient decoration that adds special chic to everyday looks and can diversify the solemn ones. In addition, it is not necessary to torment your own nails, conjuring over their growing and creating an appropriate shape. For experiments, invoices are especially good, worthy representatives of which are in the assortment of many brands.

How to do it

The most luxurious and inexpensive false nails can always be found at H&M - they are quite wearable, and their shape and size are good for any current design. Beautiful and ready-to-wear can also be found at ASOS - check out WAH London. The powder-rub, which helps to create the same mirror effect, can be found at Born Pretty - the online store delivers orders to Russia without any problems. There you can also buy a thousand jars of glitters and sequins, including for a manicure using the “shattered glass” technique, which was sensational a year ago. The domestic brand Dance Legend has similar pigments.

If the exuberant shine rather annoys you, even the most ordinary matte coating in combination with your favorite varnish can add variety to your manicure, and the piercing, the version of which we showed in our shooting, is an excellent non-standard alternative to glitter and sequins. Flock for velvety nails can be bought from affordable brands: for example, the classic red is from Catrice - it's hard to go wrong when looking for this product.Remember that you will have to wear the powder uncoated to keep it exactly the way it is supposed to, which means that you will leave tiny hairs everywhere - which, however, is not an obstacle for a party. Both varnishes (for a wow effect, choose the one that will add extra smoothness and shine) and stickers for nail design will cope with a metallic manicure. Do not forget that you also have at your disposal any craft supplies from hobby shops.

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