Healthy Habits Of Dasha Zarivna, Chief Editor Of L’Officiel Ukraine

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Healthy Habits Of Dasha Zarivna, Chief Editor Of L’Officiel Ukraine
Healthy Habits Of Dasha Zarivna, Chief Editor Of L’Officiel Ukraine

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IN THE HEADING "LIFESTYLE" we ask different people about healthy lifestyles with a human face: we talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves and pleasant ways to make life more comfortable. In the new issue, Dasha Zarivnaya, chief editor of the Internet version of the Ukrainian L’Officiel, tells how she eats, how much she sleeps and how she lives in order to feel good.


Dasha Zarivnaya

CHEF-EDITOR of, 27 years old

Recently, I have a lot of questions that I cannot find answers to on my own

Feeling good for me means being full of strength and do a lot in a short period of time. But if I sleep for more than eight hours, then I turn into boiled asparagus.

It seems to me that a healthy lifestyle is based on the system, a complex picture: having lost some important fragment, you may not get the expected result (or, having received, not fix it).

Does not work: mono diets, detox juices, severe restrictions that spoil the mood.

Works: sports, massages, proper nutrition - a system in which everything is balanced. I eat according to the principle "everything is possible, but little by little."

EXCEPT SURFING AND RUNNING, almost all sports turned out to be unsuitable for me. It's not about them - it's about me: I'm a lazy, clumsy animal.


My main bad habits - love for carbohydrates and products of Italian winemakers. In general, I have such a variety of "breaks" in food that it is easier to say how I limit myself: I gave up sweets and try not to eat late at night.

RECENTLY, MY BODY REFUSED MEAT IN A STRANGE WAY… I just can't explain it rationally: this is not a tribute to fashion, not an ideology, not pity for animals - I just can't eat meat anymore.

MY DAUGHTER'S CONTROL OF MY SLEEPING MODE: never lets me sleep more than six hours a day.

IN MY SURROUNDING you rarely see a journalist tormented by a hangover. In my opinion, everyone got the hang of drinking regularly without serious consequences for well-being and work.

I was a little version of Howard Hughes as a kid. (only without billions on the account and a penthouse in Las Vegas): I washed fruits after my mother and grandmother, was very afraid of germs and, in case of any ailment, was preparing to die. Then I went to the other extreme: I go to the doctors and take pills only if I fall off my feet.

Every time I leave the dentist, I promise myself to return for a scheduled examination in a month. Seven or eight months later, I burst into his cozy, mint-smelling office with a couple of Ketanov tablets behind my swollen cheek and remember this promise.

My daughter is six years old, and so far my main contribution to her healthy lifestyle has been a short surfing course and a stable refusal from Coca-Cola.

lately I have too many questionswhich I cannot find answers to on my own. Is 27 years old the right age to go to a psychologist for the first time?


In stressful situations I just turn on any song and completely disconnect from the outside world for three or four minutes, and then I return to the problem and make a decision.

for emotional balance I try not to get hung up on trifles, think about global goals, perceive each defeat as part of the process, and not as a result, remember what is better to do than not to do, and not to procrastinate.

Sometimes it's worth raising your head and looking up: clouds floating across the sky remind that all problems are petty and nothing lasts forever under the moon.


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