HIV Epidemic Officially Declared In Yekaterinburg

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HIV Epidemic Officially Declared In Yekaterinburg
HIV Epidemic Officially Declared In Yekaterinburg

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An HIV epidemic has been officially declared in Yekaterinburg: the deputy head of the city's health department, Tatyana Savinova, said that every 50th inhabitant is infected with the infection. In total, 26693 cases of HIV infection were recorded, in addition, 774 children are registered, 342 of them have an officially confirmed diagnosis. Savinova stressed that these are only officially registered cases, but in fact there may be much more cases of the disease.

The deputy head of the health department noted that, although the drug route of infection is leading in the Sverdlovsk region, recently HIV has been increasingly transmitted through sexual intercourse. “It is a myth that only young people and drug addicts are sick with HIV - we see an increase in the incidence in the older categories - 30-39 and 40-49 years,” said Savinova. “When the infection entered a socially prosperous environment, it spread more intensively.” Savinova noted that with such a rate of spread of the epidemic in the region, there may be a budget deficit for the purchase of drugs for retroviral therapy.

“Do not have any illusions, this is a common situation for the country. It's just that we are working on detectability and are not afraid to talk about it,”the mayor of the city Yevgeny Roizman commented on the situation on his Vkontakte page. Indeed, at the end of last year, Rospotrebnadzor reported an HIV epidemic in Russia. Experts from NP "EVA" told us about how to protect oneself from the disease and what can be done to solve the problem globally. - a non-governmental network organization helping HIV-positive women.

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