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Upright Posture Trainer
Upright Posture Trainer

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The expression "sedentary lifestyle" has managed to become stable and applies to most of us - from schoolchildren and students to writers and managers. Every now and then we slouch, bend to the sides at desks and desks, adding problems to the spine and internal organs. Even from time to time remembering about a straight back, after a couple of minutes we again sit hunched over as if nothing had happened. A technological solution to the problem was proposed by the creators of the Upright posture trainer: just attach it to your back and it will tell you when you need to straighten it.

First, you need to install an application available for iOS and Android on your phone or tablet, and connect the simulator to your device via Bluetooth. Then, with the help of hypoallergenic plasters, Upright is attached to the area of ​​the spine - in the upper or lower section. Whenever the user forgets about the correct posture and hunches down, the gadget vibrates, urging to straighten the back. The application records all your data and monitors the development of a healthy habit.

This kind of self-discipline may sound harsh, but Uptight promises that just 15 minutes of training a day will reduce pain, strengthen the muscle corset and even fight fatigue. True, there is evidence that it is better to hold the body not at an angle of 90 degrees to the seat, but leaning back on its back - this is more natural for the spine. Be that as it may, in a position with a straight back is probably more useful than in a pose with a tense torso bent in three deaths over the computer.

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