Ask An Expert: Does Long-Term Coating Harm Nails?

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Ask An Expert: Does Long-Term Coating Harm Nails?
Ask An Expert: Does Long-Term Coating Harm Nails?

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If you have ever done a manicure with a long-term coating, then you know that even after the most careful removal, problems can await: the nails become weakened, break and exfoliate. Absolutely harmless coatings do not exist in principle, but the risks of getting damaged nails can be minimized. The manicurist explains where the problems begin and how to deal with them.

Albina Komkova

Gel polish is a hybrid that has incorporated the best properties of varnish coatings: ease of application, bright shine, rich palette of colors, lack of unpleasant odor, long service life, and resistance to damage. Of course, it cannot be said that the gel coating is absolutely harmless, but the right approach helps significantly to maintain the quality of the nails. Choose a salon and a master carefully. The brand that the place works with plays a very important role, since some gel polishes are toxic. Because of this, brittleness, delamination, thinning of the nail plate naturally appear.

When using gel varnishes, a base is definitely needed. It gives good adhesion to the nail - a must step in gel coating. Without it, there is no guarantee that the varnish will not peel off after a day. After polymerization, it completely hardens, so that the nail is no longer subject to external influences. For example, we are based on Luxio, which contains artificial keratin and oils. In this case, oil is a conductor: it delivers keratin deep into the plate, which hardens under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and fills the pores of the nail, providing a firming effect.

In fact, in some cases, long-term coating can be done repeatedly and without interruption - it all depends on the condition of the client's nail plate. The master must monitor this: if the nails become thin and brittle, then it is necessary to give them a rest and treat them. On thin nails, the gel adheres very poorly. However, there are products that provide protection before applying gel polish, prevent brittleness and dehydration of the nail plate. It is imperative to use special hand creams and oils for cuticles and nails, especially during cold weather. Gloves should be worn during winter to protect nails and skin from frost. If home care is not enough, many salons have appropriate grooming treatments.

It is not recommended to remove the gel coating yourself at home, because not everyone can do it accurately and correctly. Everything is important here: how you do it, what material you use. In such things, it is better to trust a professional.

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