Head Of Educational Projects Vera Kurbatova About Cosmetics

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Head Of Educational Projects Vera Kurbatova About Cosmetics
Head Of Educational Projects Vera Kurbatova About Cosmetics

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FOR THE HEADING "NALITSO" we study the contents of beauty cases, dressing tables and cosmetic cases of the characters we are interested in - and show all this to you.

Photos: Renata Garipova

Interview: Margarita Virova

Vera Kurbatova

the leader

"Club of Education Experts"

It is worth not only accepting your body, but also understand it


About lifestyle and care

behind the skin

I grew up in St. Petersburg in an intelligent family of a famous academician. We had a strict daily routine, and since my grandfather got an ulcer on Solovki, the food was strictly dietary. From May to September, we definitely lived in a dacha: in my childhood, my grandfather was already a famous person, and our house was in the prestigious village of Komarovo. All day long I sunbathed on the Gulf of Finland, rode a bicycle, walked a lot.

Unfortunately, this did not lay any foundation for perfect skin. It deteriorated at the age of 15, and I still work with the consequences. Now I can talk about it quite calmly: by my 29 years old, I very clearly understood that this is a given. I used to cry and could not leave the house during the days of exacerbations, now I just know which remedies are right for me. During all these years of torment, I have formed a list of several rules. Firstly, I believe that it is worth not only accepting your body, but also understanding it. For example, I found out that I am allergic to B vitamins, so all the pills "for skin, nails and hair" only harm me. I gave up sweet and starchy foods - there are exceptions, but rarely. I would also refuse alcohol, which does not help the skin, but I cannot.

Secondly, I only use what is really necessary. One hundred jars for the face, it seems to me, can only be afforded by a person with very stable skin, the rest should be approached in detail. I also visit a beautician without fail. I have been going to mine since I was fifteen, my mother came to her from twenty. This is an incredibly vigorous woman who cleans her face using the old-school method, but the effect is better than after expensive masks and procedures with beautiful names. Unfortunately, she is in St. Petersburg, and I moved to Moscow.

If the store does not have a professional consultant, then it is better to study information about the funds at home in a calm atmosphere, where beautiful jars do not look at you and PR people do not stick around. I think cosmotheca.com is the best blog, but I also google the necessary information on verified sites. The last and most important rule, which everyone already knows about: wash off cosmetics or just thoroughly cleanse the skin before going to bed in any situation.

About hair care

This is a whole chapter. I hated my curly hair and straightened it exactly until the end of the first course. I studied at the Russian department of the philological faculty, we had a very difficult summer session. On the night before the exam in Old Russian literature, I realized that I had no time for beauty, I had not read the Life of Archpriest Avvakum. In the morning I came with curly hair and everyone decided that for Vera the exam was a holiday, and I slept on curlers. I left with an A (yes, I came across a question about Avvakum in the tickets) and with compliments. Since then, I have become so used to my curls that the next blow was only after the birth of the child. The curls were gone. I got so desperate that I posted my old photos on Instagram and asked my hair to start curling again. As you can see, my pleas were heard.

About body care

Since I do not have the patience and time to smear myself with all the wonderful tools, I chose one that works for everything. This is coconut oil (as well as shea and shea butter). Firstly, this is a body cream, secondly, a nourishing hair mask, and thirdly, for me it is a cure for atopic dermatitis: I have an allergy to cold on my hands in winter. I carry cans of coconut oil from everywhere and receive them as a gift.In the summer, when the skin does not dry so much, I use any creams and milk with citrus or mint scents. In body care, my favorites are & otherstories, L'Occitane, and more recently I discovered Natura Siberica in glass jars.

If we talk about physical fitness and good habits, then I do not have many of them. At the beginning of the summer, I went to the gym and train with a coach, I consider this to be my colossal achievement, but, unfortunately, the only one. I smoke and drink wine. In winter I go snowboarding in the Moscow region, in summer I do wakesurf on the Moscow River.

About makeup

I've never experimented with looks. As much as I would like, I have a feeling that it will only get worse. All my life I have been trying to work with what is, not trying to correct nature. I do not like tattooing, I am indifferent to tattoos, I do not like heavily painted eyelashes and I am not going to change my hair color until I turn gray. For the same reason, I almost never use decorative cosmetics - it seems to me that it makes me older. What to hide: by the age of 29, I had not even learned to paint my eyes - and this is not slyness. The only thing that saved me from an uncovered gestalt was that for several years I worked as a producer of expensive documentaries and starred in almost all reenactments. Make-up artists read my non-verbal desires and, where possible, did either smokey eyes, bright lips, or both. It was good in the frame, but in life it seemed to me that I looked too defiant.


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