A Video Was Released For A Joint Song By Samuel Profffitt And "Naadi"

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A Video Was Released For A Joint Song By Samuel Profffitt And "Naadi"
A Video Was Released For A Joint Song By Samuel Profffitt And "Naadi"

Video: A Video Was Released For A Joint Song By Samuel Profffitt And "Naadi"

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Today the premiere of the video "Depth" for the joint track of the Russian singer Nadezhda Gritskevich ("Naadya") and American Samuel Proffitt took place. The musician studies Russian literature and is in constant search of interesting Russian-speaking performers - this is how he discovered "Naadya" and got the idea to record a joint track. "Depth" is included in Proffit's new mini-album "The Gray Notebook".

Nadezhda Gritskevich

I wrote this song about the states that I find myself in from time to time. When the circle of oppressive circumstances narrows, when you sink to the very bottom, to the depth, a dense wall forms through which it is difficult to perceive what is happening in the present. But there is beauty in everything, and even in the depths one can find beautiful pearls of unexpected discoveries about oneself and the world.

Samuel Profffitt

My life revolves around music and Russian literature (I'm a graduate student in Russian literature at Brown University), so it always seemed natural to me to combine these two passions. "Naadya" surpassed all my expectations with its soulful lyrics and vocals that turn my soul. And Margarita Sayapina, the director, created a wonderful short film that made the song more accessible to people who do not speak Russian. The subtle, comprehensible imagery and haunting story of the clip add another layer of depth and emotion to the song. I am happy that I can finally share Glubina with the whole world and show the Western audience a different side of Russia.

Margarita Sayapina


The clip is an adaptation of a short story by Brian Newell. I study at the Wordshop Academy at the faculty of directors of music videos, in the spring my masters Andrey Musin and Alena Kukushkina held a week-long campus for directors, the task was to shoot a three-minute story in a certain structure for the general brief "Mystery". One day was allotted for defense, preparation, filming and fasting - this time limit allows you to break the wood, but gives you a chance to do the first complete work from and to.

I love working with children and adolescents, sometimes it is more difficult with them than with adults, but my heroes - Ivan Gurov and Ilya Onoprienko - sang right away, joined the story and the filming process, so cameraman Sasha Matukhno and I got great pleasure from shooting, which took about three hours. The role of the stranger was played by my senior friend, art director and interior designer Alexei Belyaev, he really does not have a phalanx of a finger.

It's terribly scary to be left alone with your idea, to do something for the first time when you still can't do anything. Nothing would have happened if it had not been for my teachers, producer and editing director, who pushed me to the shooting and then resuscitated around the clock, and friends, none of whom refused to help, although I am, of course, a coward and a crybaby. Despite the fact that this is a simple educational study, which was difficult, I am, of course, lucky that our video illustrates such a freaky track.

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