Life Hack: How To Warm Up Before A Run In 3 Minutes

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Life Hack: How To Warm Up Before A Run In 3 Minutes
Life Hack: How To Warm Up Before A Run In 3 Minutes

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Warming up is an important part of any workout. Simple movements increase the heart rate, stimulate blood circulation and smoothly engage the muscles in work. All this allows you to gradually move from a state of rest to a high load mode and at the same time avoid injury. It is better to start any run with an express warm-up. With the onset of cold weather, it has another important function - warming up. Here are five simple ways to stretch your body before running: these exercises are not enough for marathon runners, but the usual five to ten kilometers will definitely make them more comfortable.


First, take a little walk. Walking is an ideal low-intensity activity: it will relax the body after sitting for a long time and invigorate after sleep. Muscles, tendons, and joints are engaged in a similar manner when walking and running, so you will smoothly enter running mode.


Make several torso bends. Put your feet in a position shoulder-width apart, with straight legs and slightly tense abs, bend in turn to the left and right sides. Then straighten up, bring your legs together and slowly bend forward, as if trying to touch your forehead to your knees. Lock the position for a few seconds.


Prepare your knee joints for the run. Legs together and slightly bent: in this position, perform circular movements, smoothly spreading and bringing your knees. To control amplitude and not damage your joints, support your kneecaps with your palms.


Start with an easy run. It can be alternated with a series of short "sprint" stretches of 10 to 30 seconds. Try doing three to four quick dashes to get started.


Stretch after your interval run. Static, in which the muscles are fixed in a taut position, is not recommended before jogging: it is associated with a high risk of injury. Dynamic stretching in the form of rhythmic exercises, on the other hand, speeds up your heart rate, relaxes your muscles, and prepares them for an increased range of motion.

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