Beautiful And Powerful Humidifier Objecto H3

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Beautiful And Powerful Humidifier Objecto H3
Beautiful And Powerful Humidifier Objecto H3

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Every day it gets colder outside, and the air in heated rooms is getting drier. Doctors and cosmetologists unanimously declare: it's time for humidifiers. They breathe easier and sleep better with them, the hair no longer seems so brittle, and the skin ceases to resemble parchment. True, choosing a good gadget is not easy: small ones do not particularly change the state of affairs in a spacious room, and floor-standing ones, although effective, are too cumbersome and most often look like a heater or a vacuum cleaner. A rare case where practicality meets pleasant design - Objecto air humidifiers.

The H3 model is compact (only 30 centimeters high), but powerful enough: according to the manufacturer, it can handle an area of ​​more than 100 square meters. For the office, we still recommend choosing a more serious device, but for a bedroom or living room, it is quite suitable. The humidifier holds two liters of water, can operate autonomously for up to 18 hours and is equipped with a timer with an auto-off function after two or four hours. For some, the bizarre shape of H3 will remind you of an aroma lamp, and for others, it will even remind you of an enema. The first association is not far from the truth: the humidifier has a special compartment for aromatic pads. For lovers of everything technological, we recommend the advanced version of Objecto H4 with a remote control, and if you want classics, pay attention to the limited line made of wood.

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