Which Brands To Buy Badges From - Funny, Beautiful And Meaningful

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Which Brands To Buy Badges From - Funny, Beautiful And Meaningful
Which Brands To Buy Badges From - Funny, Beautiful And Meaningful

SMALL METAL ICON - a delicate piece of jewelry that can tell a lot about its owner: about a favorite band, film, literary hero, event or exhibition that a person has visited. In addition, by buying it today, you can not only prove yourself, but also support an independent brand or a young illustrator. We've picked nine interesting badge brands with different ideas that you want to get on all at once.


Where to buy: shop.pinpinpin.it

Perhaps the most famous Russian-made badges. The first copies began to be produced under the Heart of Moscow brand back in 2012, but this year the team decided to go beyond the borders of Russia, for which a separate Pinpinpin.it brand was created.

Each collection is made in a specific theme, be it space, fine art or a specific city: “Our very first series of pins was dedicated to the symbols of Moscow, and when Pinpinpin.it took shape as a separate brand, the first was a line about St. Petersburg and its symbols”. These badges are familiar to many and are popular with people regardless of age: someone buys them out of nostalgia, someone as a decoration, and someone as a gift. The team is still working as a small team. The guys admit that they are currently negotiating with several museums and retail outlets. Recently, they also opened a representative office in Europe, and are also preparing to launch a new online store.


Where to buy: facebook.com

A very young brand originally from Kiev, which appeared in June this year. The idea to make the badges came to Veronica and Olga long before the brand was created: "We both feel awe for small and sophisticated objects and want to share it with many." The girls are architects by training, which is probably why there is such a love of detail in icon design.

The first collection consisted of three items: a chestnut leaf, an anthurium flower and crossed fingers. Each of them is symbolic primarily for the creators themselves. Recently, in collaboration with RCR Khomenko, the icon has been released in the form of a sketchy eye - a brand symbol that often appears in prints. “Now we are developing a new collection, it is about love for art. In the future, I really want to make a present for lovers of Kiev architecture. " The badges are produced in limited edition and all cost 400 rubles - you can find them on the brand's Instagram and Facebook.

Tuesday bassen

Where to buy: shoptuesday.com

An illustrator from Los Angeles named Tuesday (yes, that's her real name) has worked with a variety of major brands and publications from The New Yorker to Nike at various times. As for the badges, they, like all the works of the girl, captivate precisely with their performance - everything is done in the best traditions of the 90s. Even her Instagram page seems to come from that decade.

The girl started making a series of pins at the same time as ceramics in 2013. “I wanted to incorporate my illustrations into everyday life,” explains Tuesday. No complicated images: a bagel with eyes, an eraser with the words “Erase You”, hands showing a sign of peace - just childishness and carelessness. Paradoxically, Tewsday's icons became famous all over the world theft: Zara used her illustrations on their things without demand. Unfortunately, the epic confrontation with the Spanish conglomerate came to nothing. However, you can support justice by purchasing one of the artist's original pins.

This Way To The Circus

Where to buy: thiswaytothecircus.co.uk

The Instagram account of the English brand This Way To Circus looks like a real greenhouse: there are cacti, palms, and whole green families. The guys are engaged in the creation of small decorative sculptures for the interior in the form of plants in cheerful painted pots. The badges echo them and perfectly diversify the look, especially in the cold and gray seasons, when you miss the greenery especially much.They are produced in small batches, so there are not many models in the online store of the brand; each costs an average of 500 rubles. But they will perfectly fit into both minimalistic and 90s-style looks.

Coucou suzette


Before creating the brand, which has already conquered the entire French (and not only) gloss, Juliet Malet worked for six years as an illustrator in Paris and Tokyo. Upon returning to her homeland, she studied jewelry and created Coucou Suzette. As Juliet herself says, she "wanted to turn her illustrations into cute little objects." She succeeded: an impressive burger in her hands, a sunbathing girl, a hand holding a naked male body on a chain - each item is like a whole mini-story. The illustrator rightly believes that "icons are so popular today because of the return of the 90s, and also because they are a great way to support young independent artists without huge costs."

The main challenge in creating these seemingly straightforward copper and enamel icons is "to be as sharp as possible, since the objects are very small and require high visual efficiency." Popular recognition testifies that Juliet copes with this task with a bang.

Bang-up betty

Where to buy: bangupbetty.com

Stacey Bowers started Bang-Up Betty in California three years ago, but only started making badges there. Before that, the girl was an editor in local magazines, and now, in addition to the brand, she is engaged in communications in a non-profit organization related to art. “I have been making jewelry since I was 14 years old. I've always been a creative person and, for example, put out a batch of postcards called Betty Pearl after my cats. When I stopped doing this, I started making jewelry and got involved in the brand,”says Stacey about starting work. She admits that she does not consider herself a high-class illustrator, but she is helped by a friend who corrects Stacy's sketches and helps to shape her own style.

The badges, like the pendants, mostly contain feminist slogans like “Smash the patriarchy”, “Liberal Vagenda” and “Power Boobies”. There are not many items in the brand's arsenal yet, but Stacey plans to expand the line in the near future: “I think people like the idea of ​​wearing art on clothes. A huge number of pins are made by very talented illustrators, and when buying them, people introduce others to creativity, express their consent in a fun, economical way. When I buy the badges myself, I am pleased that I support independent authors."

I Like Cats

Where to buy: etsy.com

Everything is very clear already by the name: cat lovers will certainly want to buy Toby Oliver's pins right here and now. In addition to models with cats and dogs, you can find T-shirts, postcards and other merchandise. The neat little icons are perhaps the most notable. Made in an easily recognizable style, they are able to instantly cheer up - even the harshest person will smile at a kitten in a donut. There is also an old-school version - sunset badges (image on a metal circle with a pin, as in childhood). Prices start at around ten dollars, which allows you to gather a whole company of different animals.

Robin eisenberg

Where to buy: robineisenberg.com

Agent Scully, pizza in the shape of a heart, Nicki Minaj, a goth mermaid - the work of artist and illustrator Robin Eisenberg is somehow inspired by modern pop culture. “I spend most of my life drawing. When I’m not painting, I walk the dog, drink lavender tea, watch Star Trek and dream of a garden with cacti,”she says. Indeed, it seems that Robin works around the clock: in her head there is always some kind of plot, and in her hands there are objects for drawing. In addition to comics and icons, she produces skateboards, key rings, patches, stickers, and more.

Rich colors and a clear black outline - Robin draws in the best traditions of 80s cartoons. Her characters cry green tears, wear Thrasher T-shirts and long nails. It’s not a shame to spend ten dollars to support a talented illustrator.

Sleepy mountain

Where to buy: etsy.com

"Sleepy Mountain" is one of the few brands that adhere to the concept incredibly clearly: all the heroes of the badges (David Bowie, Kurt Vonnegut, Wes Anderson) are depicted in blissful slumber, that is, with their eyes closed. The minimalistic works are reminiscent of the Rick and Morty animated series in style.

In addition to famous personalities, the creator of Sleepy Moutain also depicts his favorite things: radishes, pizza, papaya, bees, crocodiles. Next to them are the inscriptions "Big butt Bigger heart", "I always wanter do be a Tenenbaum", "Fries before guys". It all costs ten dollars, sunset badges with a sleeping Quentin Tarantino or with an image of emoji - and that is five. Like many illustrators, Sleepy Mountain doesn't stop at icons. In the online store you can find earrings with Hillary Clinton, Frida Kahlo, peaches, pizza and stickers with all the same items and characters.

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