Hits Of Russian TV: Viewers About "Boys", "Dances" And Other Shows

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Hits Of Russian TV: Viewers About "Boys", "Dances" And Other Shows
Hits Of Russian TV: Viewers About "Boys", "Dances" And Other Shows

Video: Hits Of Russian TV: Viewers About "Boys", "Dances" And Other Shows

Video: GRADE SCHOOL DANCE BATTLE - BOYS vs GIRLS! // ScottDW 2022, December

Anya Airapetova

You can discuss new episodes as much as you like. favorite TV series and share impressions of the book you have read, but when you start talking about a new issue, for example, "The Battle of Psychics", everyone immediately looks away with embarrassment and pretends that they do not understand what is at stake. Meanwhile, the TLC channel, which launched in Russia five years ago, beats digital TV ratings, although its broadcast network consists almost entirely of programs in the spirit of "I'm 15 and I'm pregnant." Watching such shows are all the same people who love cinema and literature - and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. We asked the viewers of Russian television about their favorite programs, and they told how they like them.



Ekaterina Baranova


A few years ago, one Saturday my boyfriend and I decided not to go outside and just stuck on the couch in front of the TV. It is not clear why we were hooked at that moment by Elena Letuchaya, but we didn’t switch anywhere from the Friday TV channel and we were swallowing criticism of hotels in Nizhny Novgorod and restaurants in Yekaterinburg, issue after issue. After the wild telethon, we both walked around the apartment, paid attention to the commodity neighborhood, checked the dust with our finger wherever possible, and grieved very much that we did not have an ultraviolet device for calculating spots. I can't say that the presenter is very impressed with me, but it's really impossible to come off. In life, I would never want to be friends with such a person or even be with him in the same company, but her image, of course, is 100% memorable and fits this program just perfect.

The most interesting thing, of course, is to watch the restaurant owners dodge in order not to let Flying into the kitchen. If we are not talking about Moscow and St. Petersburg, then the majority live in the order of the 90s and immediately begin to bullshit or even call for help from the lads. The new presenter (I don't even remember her name) I don't like at all, and I don't watch the episodes with her. She is very nice to everyone, polite, and even if she finds violations, she says something like: “Well, for the first time we will forgive you. You will correct yourself, right? " Such compassion is not at all what this program needs. I know that Flying returned to the Moscow edition, which I am very happy about. As soon as I have a free minute, I'll sit down to watch.

In addition to the dramatic intensity, "Revizorro" also has practical value. Catering is, in principle, a very sensitive topic, I know many people who try to eat only at home, and this is not related to saving money. Such programs help to understand which places you can still entrust your health to, and which ones you should never go to again. I was told that in the Moscow edition in one of the restaurants where I rarely, but still visit, they found frozen fish that was overdue for more than two years. I will definitely not go there anymore.



Maria Bykova

motion designer

From the very first issue I watched "Dances" on TNT. The coolest series is the qualifying round, when people try their best to be chosen, prepare cool numbers. It was thanks to this show that I learned that there are a million different styles, and I immediately wanted to try them all. At first I went to group fitness classes, but quickly realized that it was better to do it individually, so I found a teacher. I started with contempo, and now I'm doing vogue. This is a very powerful style, it looks great both in a disco in a bar and at a party in "Arma" (until the riot police arrive, of course). I liked him for a long time, ever since I started watching Ru Paul's show "RuPaul's Drag Race", in which beautiful drag queens dance in heels. My dream is to learn how to fall like professional vogers do, but I still have a long way to go.Now, when I started dancing, I look at the project with different eyes, I understand how difficult all these seemingly simple but beautiful movements are given, what hard work it is.

Of course, the scale of Dancing amazes me: I have never seen such powerful castings all over the country. This is really great, because it brings together talented people from cities that are thousands of kilometers from each other. And here is not such a talent as in "The Voice", where you either have a voice and hearing, or you don't. Dancing also needs abilities, but there will, hard work and charisma are much more important.

Dinner Party

Ren TV

Marianne Elsesser

co-founder of Heart of Moscow

I watch several TV shows, and according to the principle "the more hell the better." I don't see anything like that in watching "Let's Get Married" or, say, deliberately not switching "Fashionable Sentence". My friends and I also love to scream in caps after the Live TV show.

For example, "The Dinner Party": you have to be very naive not to understand that all this is a game, like a Christmas fairy tale, in which you agree to believe. You can believe that Jude Law became the head of the Vatican, and in the same way, for 40 minutes, I agree to believe that the profession of a woman who is trying to come up with some kind of lyric epithet for mayonnaise is "a poet of the free genre," and a seducer who wraps chicken under a pita blanket with the look "if you know what I mean", - a pick-up. The coolest thing is to throw a line with some kind of joke from there in a new decent company and see who responds. It turns out that a rare snob does not know what "Supper with scum" is.



Lisa Astakhova

producer, screenwriter

Many people wonder why I watch reality shows, especially Russians like "Boys". First, this is my meditation. When watching reality, especially in my native language, my brain is completely turned off. There is a pleasant silence and emptiness. I don’t think about anything and it’s as if I don’t even really exist at the moment. Secondly, I pursue selfish and professional goals. From a producer's point of view, reality is the easiest way to make money. They are very cheap to produce, and they will beat any TV show in terms of ratings.

I've already done reality and am planning more, so I need to be aware of. But the most important thing is that reality, especially such as "Boys", is a storehouse of stories for scripts. The stories that these unfortunate girls share are extremely tragic and not invented, at the same time they have a good ending - here's your character. I can't say that this show is done well, but it's easy to notice from his example what didn't work where and how it could have been done better. In general, in reality it is possible to see people in situations that rarely occur in public. I am extremely interested in the aspect of subtle manipulation for the sake of ratings, because the whole industry is based on this. They even filmed a cool TV series "Unreal" about it.

There are two main dramatic principles at work in Boys. The first is identification with the character. I think that such a kid lives in the majority of the inhabitants of Russia. Someone learned to manage it, someone - no and is not going to. "Boys" realize, for example, my secret desires - to put in the eye immediately to someone who did not like, or directly send to. The second principle that makes the story interesting to observe is the change in character, the transition from point A to point B. Without this, no film or series works. So, the show shows that your place of birth and the environment are not a sentence, but just circumstances.

The fight of extrasensories


Dasha Petrova

Project Manager

For many people, watching TV shows on Russian TV is a guilty pleasure. Fortunately, with my loved ones, the opposite is true: I, absolutely not ashamed, can discuss the latest episode of the "Battle of Psychics" even with a male colleague, not to mention my mother. It is worth saying that I do not have a TV at home, so I spend every Sunday morning with a laptop and a new edition.I already lost count of the seasons, but once I went to Wikipedia to see how much time I spent alone with otherworldly forces and Marat Basharov: it turns out that for the 17th time the strongest psychics are fighting for the Blue Hand and popularity. This season I am rooting for Swami Dashi and Dariya Voskoboeva, it would be interesting to see them in real life, behind the project. I, of course, do not possess superpowers, but I can almost accurately determine the energy of a person and decide whether it is worth communicating with him or it is better to stay away. I also sometimes talk in my sleep, and I tell whole stories: the last one, about a hungry homeless man at the train station, still remains a mystery to my young man.

People love to look at other people's tragedies, the only question is what they choose next - to sympathize or condemn. I think that is why the episodes about investigations of high-profile deaths collect huge ratings on TV. The viewer will surely find his own among the stories - and if he does not go to a session with the psychic from "Battle", then at least he will understand that everything is not so bad, the past cannot be changed and one must live on - as psychics usually say at the end of their sessions.

Fashionable verdict

First channel

Olya Teplova

news editor

My working day starts at two o'clock in the afternoon, so I don't consider my day to have started correctly if I haven't watched the next issue of Fashionable Sentence in the morning. I honestly don't understand why I am doing this, once I even tried to get off and watched any programs at breakfast for a week, just not to switch to Channel One, but then I thought: “Damn, if this is what brings me pleasure before work and helps to tune in a positive mood before a hard day at work, then what the hell!"

My colleagues know about my hobby because I always share the latest releases with them. In the end, I even hooked someone. The broadcast, of course, has undergone a lot of changes when compared to the first releases. She was very fond of Vyacheslav Zaitsev in the role of the host, he was always so cute, he extolled each heroine to heaven and helped to feel special. Alexander Vasiliev is an ambiguous character, as for me. He, of course, is a fashion historian and is suitable for this program, but he can be very hot-tempered, rude. Evelina Khromchenko is a professional, but she almost always looks the same and says about the same things. To be honest, I don't understand how Nadezhda Babkina got there, but she is quite harmless.

All the same, the very essence of this program is in the people, the guests of the program, their friends and relatives. It happens, of course, some evil daughter brings her mother and begins to criticize her all over the country - I don't like that. My favorite episodes are when, for example, a very modest husband brings his wife, who because of three small children does not see the white light, they conjure over her, and her husband sits crying with happiness. I don’t know how many of these stories are real and how many are staged, but to be honest, I don’t care.

Of course, it's a shame that in 2016 the main message of this program is “A woman should always be well-groomed, glowing with happiness and in heels”. In big cities, the understanding finally comes that none of the genders owes anything to anyone, but those people who participate in this program are more likely not aware of such a change in landmarks. So if "Fashionable Sentence" can make women happy at least for a while thanks to just new styling, makeup and wardrobe, then, I believe, such a program has a right to exist.

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