Glitter In Makeup: On Lips, Eyelids, Eyebrows And More

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Glitter In Makeup: On Lips, Eyelids, Eyebrows And More
Glitter In Makeup: On Lips, Eyelids, Eyebrows And More

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Margarita Virova

A few years ago, materials on how to organically include glitter in their makeup, appeared in connection with "special" occasions, or were necessarily marked "for parties." Today, radiant pollen is one of the main beauty products for which hundreds of uses have been invented. Glitter is easy and pleasant to wear every day: it is easy to apply, and the only difficulties will be with washing. We offer you to look again at the works of makeup artists, brilliant in every sense, and get inspired.

On the lips

Inspired by the famous makeup of Pat McGrath, there are many tutorials that will help you create glowing lips with more affordable means than instantly flying kits. Choose a fairly fine glitter and lipstick with a "gouache" texture, to which the glitter easily sticks: this way you get that very neat and dense layer. There are also ready-made solutions: for example, the LASplash Glitter Lips set, and if you don't feel like using a brush, then know that MAC Lipglass from the Star Trek collection is still on sale.

It is not necessary to fill the entire lip area with glitter. Remember that glitter can also be combined with coating in different ways: lipstick can be darker or lighter than glitter, and gold and silver pollen are the most versatile. A powerful source of inspiration is the instagram of makeup artist Vlada Haggerty, who is sincerely in love with lip art. You can peep at her applications with the participation of large sequins, but keep in mind that for such a make-up you will have to try and use not lipstick, but eyelash glue.

On the eyebrows

Colored dyes and other non-standard ways to decorate eyebrows will look fresh for a long time - glitter on them will also be an expressive and non-trivial make-up detail. Last spring, Val Garland at the Giambattista Valli show drove everyone crazy with thin lines drawn with glitter right under the models' eyebrows, and how many options were shown before and after by other makeup artists and Instagram enthusiasts is impossible to count. It is not so difficult to make it, especially if you are already used to dealing with conventional eyebrow makeup.

In order to repeat Val Garland's makeup, you can use any eyeliner or liquid eyeshadow with glitter and, of course, a comfortable thin brush. For the desired result, you need to draw a neat line repeating the bend - this make-up also great "completes" the eyebrow. If you want to apply glitter to the hairs themselves, then you can put it on colored mascara or liquid shadows, applying the product by analogy with eyebrow gel - remember that the color will require a light base. After that, correction with a concealer will not hurt: the contour will be clearer, and the glitter scattering in all directions will be able to tame.

Before our eyes

There is a lot of truth in the diamond joke of the last two years about the fact that glitter is the best corrector for under eye circles, but there are still options. The simplest and fastest of them all are arrows: NYX Cosmic Gel Liner or Urban Decay Heavy Metal liquid eyeliner. Glitter can be added to the usual smoky, apply it all over the eyelid or strew it with eyelashes, as in our summer shoot, or generally limit yourself to glitter without a shadow backing. In the latter case, you do not have to worry about the accuracy of the application, and Inglot Duraline will perfectly play the role of a transparent base.

It is a little more difficult to create graphic makeup with glitter than to create radiant chaos. You will need creamy enough plastic eyeshadows (ideal in this sense - Tom Ford Cream Color, which already contain a small shimmer and do not set too quickly so that you have time to add glitter on top) or liquid that is not prone to dripping. You can mix the desired consistency yourself using the same Duraline.

On hair

Hairstyles with glitter-strewn parting or roots were on Instagram last year, we also saw shining mustaches and beards, so there is nothing to be afraid of (and washing your hair will turn into a real holiday). If experimenting is your thing, then you can reproduce the "wet" hairstyle, about which they continue to argue after the last Fashion Weeks, only with the help of a paste or gel with glitter - you can find a suitable tool at Kryolan.

It is better to bypass varnishes and sprays, since it is quite difficult to achieve the desired dense layer by spraying, but unpleasant sensations, on the contrary, are easy. You can neatly highlight individual strands with glitter in the spirit of minimalism. Glitter for the face and body can also be easily used on hair in any amount that is comfortable for you, and if you fix them with a styling product, they will also last indefinitely.

On the cheeks

The era of colored highlighters is coming, and the use of cosmetics not for their intended purpose opens up endless prospects. This means that it is already quite possible to take a closer look at the methods of fantasy makeup and use glitter along with any color pigments for sculpting. For example, make-up artist Kimberly Margarita, a bright participant in the NYX Face Awards and a lover of creepy body art, loves to do this. You can create freckles with medium-sized glitter. Glitter applied to the cheekbones and temples in the same way as the highlighter is already a popular technique and the fastest way to be ready for any adventure.

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