As For Yourself: Plus-size Models Who Launched Clothing Brands

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As For Yourself: Plus-size Models Who Launched Clothing Brands
As For Yourself: Plus-size Models Who Launched Clothing Brands

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Modeling agencies promoting custom beauty, more and more, and the term "body positive" finally came into use. All the same, for those whose sizes are even slightly different from the mysterious "norm", it is still extremely difficult to choose clothes. Over the past five years, almost not a single worthy mass-market brand has remained that has not launched a plus-size line or expanded the size range. This is much better than nothing, but, unfortunately, often things from such collections turn out to be of a disappointing quality, and they do not fit at all like in enticing photographs. Finding a well-tailored item for a person of "non-standard" size is difficult even in large cities - the choice is obviously scarce.

Plus size models are familiar with this problem firsthand. Their work is directly related to the appearance, and they all faced the problem of buying clothes that would be not only comfortable, but also in line with current trends. Realizing that this niche is empty, some of them decided to take matters into their own hands and create collections for women with any parameters. We tell you what is remarkable about them.

Tess Halliday

Tess Holliday is perhaps more famous than other plus-size models - her name is familiar even to those who are not at all interested in the fashion industry. Holliday peaked in 2015, when the feminist and founder of the #EffYourBeautyStandards movement signed a contract with a major modeling agency MiLK Management. It was then that plus-size models were talked about everywhere. Tess herself did a lot to popularize the phenomenon: she appeared on the cover of People, starred for Italian Vogue, and also became the face of the Asos Curve, H&M and Monif C lookbook.

It is easy to see on Instagram that the model does not compromise on her own style and loves characteristic things. Realizing that it was rather difficult to find something in accordance with personal taste and parameters, she began to think about creating a collection. She managed to realize the idea with the help of the Canadian brand Penningtones, which specializes in fashionable clothes for large women - together they came up with a collaboration (by the way, in addition to Tess, the brand is collaborating with actress Melissa McCarthy).

The line, created with the direct participation of the model, features sheer mesh tops, asymmetrical pencil skirts, crop tops, fringed dresses and tight-fitting sweaters in muted colors - everything that is easy to see in everyday life on Tess herself. “I have no style secrets. Clothing should bring joy and comfort. You can wear even a Halloween costume, even an ultra-feminine dress - the main thing is that the outfit reflects the inner state,”she says. In almost every interview, Tess encourages all women in the world to love their bodies. And to do this in clothes that suit you is more pleasant and easier.

Ashley Graham

Another person thanks to whom the world begins to accept and appreciate the diversity of beauty is the model Ashley Graham. This year has been especially fruitful for her. She not only turned out to be one of the "Women of the Year" according to Glamor magazine, but also released Barbie in conjunction with Mattel, for which she became a prototype. The girl stands for natural beauty and even suggested depicting cellulite on the doll - just like real women. Unfortunately, the idea was rejected: the company thought it would look like a manufacturing defect.

Graham's road to fame began back in 2001 when she signed her first modeling contract. However, the real success came after the commercial for Lane Bryant and the shooting for the Levi's commercial. Ashley Graham also became the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, having previously featured in the magazine. The model even launched her own hashtag #beautybeyondsize, thanks to which girls share photos, encouraging them not to be ashamed of their bodies.

In 2013, Graham began developing a line of lingerie for the Canadian brand Addition Elle, which is famous for clothing for girls with curvaceous shapes. In 2015, she defiled at New York Fashion Week wearing this brand's underwear sets, and now the ninth joint collection is presented in the online store. The underwear itself is not only relatively inexpensive (the top will cost about $ 65), but, importantly, it is not boring at all. The brand emphasizes that it was created especially for girls with large breasts. In addition to basic bodices and briefs, the collection also includes slips and bodysuits. Lace inserts, unusual cutouts, fasteners on the neck - all this is a rarity for large size lingerie, and for that very reason this line is worthy of every attention.

Robin Loli

You've probably seen Robin Loli more than once: she became one of the first plus-size models on the cover of Italian Vogue, the second plus-size model on the cover of the French version of the magazine, and the first such model in Australian Vogue, GQ and Cosmopolitan. She has starred for the lookbooks Ralph Lauren, Violetta by Mango, Evans, Lane Bryant and many others.

In addition to modeling, Loli is engaged in photography (and even filmed another plus-size model and her friend Tara Lynn for the fourth issue of Galore magazine), as well as cooking. She uploads her recipes to the Robyn Lawley Eats blog, on the basis of which the book of the same name was published. Robin Loli breaks wild stereotypes about plus-size models by her own example: she eats vegetables that she grows herself, adheres to a healthy diet and works out in the gym at least three times a week. “I don't like the term 'plus-size', because it puts you in a box. This label has been put on me by the fashion industry, not by the common people. Some fans get offended when I talk about myself like that, others are happy. However, if I tell people outside the fashion industry that I am a plus-size model, they don't even understand what that means,”Loli says in an interview.

The model admits that she once finally became disillusioned with the fashion industry due to the fact that it forces girls to adjust their bodies to the "correct" clothing sizes. Then Robin launched her swimwear line in conjunction with the Bond-Eye Swimwear brand - with a size grid from 46th to 56th. Inspired by the success of the collaboration, Loli created her own brand called Robyn Lawley Swim. She believes that a designer is good who can create a thing that fits perfectly on different body types: “Ashley Graham wears my size 12 swimwear. Me too, but our bodies are very different - different parameters, different skeletal structures. There are many things that are invisible at first glance. " Her swimwear models are distinguished by unusual prints: floral patterns coexist with abstract ones. The models of the products are also worth mentioning: there are both one-piece swimsuits and separate ones with high-waisted swimming trunks. Also, the brand perfectly succeeds in basic things of deep colors and simple cut. The only significant disadvantage of Robin swimsuits is the price: a one-piece one will cost $ 200.

Griselle Paula

American Dominican descent Griselle Paula did not even think to be a model or designer, but planned to become an actress. A couple of years after college of art, she decided that the theater was not hers, and went to study criminal law. “Although at first I thought it was boring, I quickly got into the process and fell in love with this subject. I set out to work in the US Immigration and Customs Police to investigate cases of human trafficking,”the model said in an interview. While she was waiting for a distribution in a specialty, Paula managed to shoot for Ebony magazine - and she was immediately showered with offers from fashion brands. Her portfolio includes footage for Forever 21, Nordstrom, Rocawear, Baby Phat lookbooks and many others. In 2015, the model became the face of the Maggy London brand.

Having learned all the difficulties and joys of a modeling career, Grisel founded the RebDolls clothing brand and launched the hashtag #SexyForAll. She urges not to hide her sexuality, since beauty does not equal any particular size of clothing.The brand began as a small T-shirt store with slogans, but has grown to a huge fashion retailer, delivering goods to 95 countries around the world.

It's safe to say that RebDolls make clothes for most people - sizes 38 through 66 can be found in their mesh. In fact, this is a regular mass market, and the price for a dress starts at $ 8. Fans of frank, ultra-feminine outfits will find bright sheath dresses with a neckline, crop tops and floor-length skirts with the maximum possible cutouts and ultra-short jumpsuits - in fact, the model itself adheres to this style. And for those who like quieter clothes, there are wide leg pants with prints, oversized cardigans, fluffy skirts and loose shirts.

Jordin Woods

Best friend Kylie Jenner and plus-size model Jordin Woods has become a real idol for young people. She became famous thanks to Instagram (now there are 2.2 million subscribers), where she was noticed by the scout of the Wilhelmina Models modeling agency. Although the girl is only 19 years old, she has repeatedly faced not only the negative reaction of others to her appearance, but also the pressure of public opinion. About Los Angeles, where Woods lives, she says not very flattering: “Here people follow only one standard of beauty, which is very far from natural. Sometimes it seems as if people are walking on an imaginary catwalk and not on the street. " Her career started successfully: shooting for The Cut magazine and the Adittion Elle and Torrid Lovesick lookbooks and the love of American Teen Vogue. It seems that creating your own collection was only a matter of time.

In September of this year, Jordin, together with the American brand Boohoo, released a capsule line with a wide size grid (from 40th to 60th). All things, of course, are in the spirit of the model itself. “The ability to create a collection for any body type is amazing. When I was younger, I wanted to dress fashionably, but often I could not find things that would suit my figure. Now I have the opportunity to do something for all women, and I am very proud of it,”says Woods. It is noteworthy that all things from the capsule correspond to the spirit of the times as much as possible: there are velvet suits, bombers, and huge sweatpants, and even dressing gowns for the exit. All prices are more than decent - for example, a sequin jumpsuit will cost £ 17.

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