What To Watch In Winter: 17 Fascinating TV Series

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What To Watch In Winter: 17 Fascinating TV Series
What To Watch In Winter: 17 Fascinating TV Series

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Winter tv season as always, not too generous with loud premieres, but it's a pity - when else, if not in cold weather, sit at home with a hot drink and a laptop? Still, both comedy lovers and comic book fans, we are sure, will be able to find something interesting in our list. In addition to the long-awaited new seasons of Girls, Sherlock and Rodina, we will tell you what to look for in the next three months.


Pacific Hit

Pacific heat

Netflix is ​​adding another hit potential to its pool of animated sitcoms (BoJack Horseman, C for Family). The plot of the 13-episode comedy revolves around the exploits of a special squad under the cover of "Pacific Heat" of the Gold Coast city of the Australian state of Queensland. It was created by the local police to solve absolutely all problems concerning both petty crooks and international drug cartels. Needless to say, they will be solved in the most stupid ways. Pacific Heat was commissioned from the Australian studio Working Dog, so the location was not chosen by chance. Many fans of animation, having seen the trailer, began to swear at too close visual similarity with the TV series "Archer", but, according to the creators, all coincidences are accidental and unintentional. In their opinion, what Pacific Hit really looks like is Scooby-Doo and C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation Miami.


Shut eye

In Los Angeles, a criminal group of fraudulent predictors is thriving with might and main, which is covered by a criminal syndicate. The protagonist Charlie Haverford, played by Jeffrey Donovan, is a former loser magician who works for the Romanian mobster and looks after his salons, where fortune tellers work. An unexpected head injury - and Charlie suddenly begins to visit visions, the extrasensory nature of which (at least at the beginning of the season) is still in question. What he now sees still makes the main character change his outlook on life. Isabella Rossellini played the role of Rita, a cunning, seductive head of a Romanian clan with a penchant for sadism. Hulu is slowly adopting Netflix's expertise and will be releasing all ten episodes of The Illusionist on its premiere day.

Troll hunters


Let's plunge into childhood: another animation novelty from Netflix, this time aimed at a family audience. It cannot be bypassed: the series is based on the book of the same name by Guillermo del Toro, who also acted as a producer and screenwriter for The Hunters. Among other things, this is one of the last projects where you can hear the voice of the late Anton Yelchin, who died tragically this summer. He voiced the main character Jim, who lives in the fictional suburb of Arcadia. Together with his friends, he discovers that at the foot of Arcadia two fantastic worlds with good and bad trolls collide, and they are doomed to constant enmity with each other. Great candidate for a Saturday breakfast viewing.


The mick

Good news for fans of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - the producers of the Czernin Brothers show have prepared a new series, again calling for the lead role of Caitlin Olson. The Fox comedy "Mick" kicks off on January 1st. Olson plays the cursing and smoking Mackenzie "Mickey" Murphy, who moves to wealthy Greenwich, Connect. She is tasked with looking after the children of her rich sister, who fled the country from a conviction. Mickey is left alone with other people's offspring and quickly realizes that you can put up with the whims and shortcomings of your children, but it is very difficult to accept and forgive the ugliness of someone else's child. The kids make hell genre always plays well on the comedy field, so there is a chance that the project will be successful.




In recent years, many TV series have been filmed based on comics (Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, SHIELD, The Preacher, and others), but Powerless will be DC's first comedy show.Vanessa Hudgens, whom someone remembers from the movie High School Musical, and someone from Harmony Korin's "Sweet Holidays", plays Emily, an agent of the worst insurance company. She specializes in paying clients whose property has been damaged by superhero activities. Danny Poody (Abed from Community, which everyone missed) plays her best friend Teddy, who spends office time solely thinking of various pranks. Neither Emily nor Teddy have any super powers, but at the same time they have to live in a city filled with superheroes. So, to the delight of fans in the series, there will be frequent appearances of characters from the DC universe, because of which the characters will have a hard time.



January 7, BBC One

Just two words are enough for you to watch this series for sure - "Tom" and "Hardy". He not only starred in this British eight-episode show, but co-designed it with his father Chips Hardy and Peaky Blinders creator Stephen Knight. Hardy played the role of adventurer James Delaney. In 1814, after a ten-year absence, he returns from Africa to avenge his father's death and unexpectedly uncovers a terrible family conspiracy. As is often the case with British dramas, we will certainly see many familiar faces. So, fans of "Black Mirror" will recognize Oona Chaplin, Jonathan Price (His Sparrow from "Game of Thrones") and Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper from "House of Cards").

Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Perhaps the most anticipated premiere of the winter television season. Among other things, the series is notable for the triumphant return of Neil "Barney" Patrick Harris to the screens - this time as the main antagonist of Earl Olaf (in 2004 this role was played in the film of the same name by Jim Carrey). The show explores the sheer number of challenges facing the Baudelaire orphans - Violet, Klaus and Sunny. After the mysterious death of their parents, they are sent to live with Count Olaf, who intends to take possession of the huge inheritance of the children. If you forget that the series is based on a series of children's books, in fact, this is a rather dark story with a bunch of deaths, filmed in Timburton tones, but served with a fair amount of humor.



First of all, this series is interesting for the composition that worked on it: American comedian Jason Sudeikis, who became famous during his work on Saturday Night Live, produced and played a minor role. Also starring was Sudeikis' former SNL colleague Tim Robinson and Vice President Sam Richardson, both of whom really grew up in Detroit. The plot revolves around two men making money on low-budget commercials. They watch with sadness as everyone leaves their once thriving hometown, but they are in no hurry to follow them. Detroit is famous for its auto industry, so there will be plenty of cars in Detroiters. So, Sam and Tim dream of Chrysler becoming their client. It is not yet very clear in which direction the creators will turn the plot to make a comedy, but with such a cast, everything looks promising.


Zelda: The Beginning of Everything


At some point, three projects were being prepared simultaneously about the wife of writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald Zelda: two films - with Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence, respectively - and a series with Christina Ricci. The movie is still in production, but the show will finally see the light of day in February. Although its pilot was released almost two years ago, the first season officially kicks off this winter. Ricci plays Zelda, starting from the moment when she was not yet familiar with Fitzgerald, continuing their meeting and subsequent marriage. We expect a lot of beautiful costumes, unbridled fun and the right amount of drama.



Despite the general sluggishness of TV channels in the winter, comedy is lucky this season. The American stand-up artist and cartoonist Pete Holmes, whose drawings were published in The New Yorker, invented and starred in Crashing.In addition to great performances, Holmes is known for his insane talk show The Pete Holmes Show and the podcast You Made It Weird, where other famous comedians like Aziz Ansari, Natasha Lejero or Bill Burr come to see him. In Crashing, Holmes also plays a comedian who leaves his wife and has to start life anew. One of the most important advantages of the series is Judd Apatow in the person of the producer. Despite controversial reviews for the series "Love," in the comedy world, his participation is still equated with the thumb up emoji. Here he also directed the first episode.

Come back


Mozart in the jungle


Season 3, December 9


The man in the high castle


Season 2, December 16




Season 4, January 1




Season 7, January 5




Season 6, January 15




Season 2, January 19




Season 6, February 12

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